Secondary Education MS

The curriculum for the Master of Science Degree (MS) in Secondary Education requires a minimum of 36 semester hours of study, 15 hours of which must have a SED prefix.  In addition to the 15 hours of courses with the SED prefix, EDCI 595 (3 credit hours) make up the 18 hours required for the major in Secondary Education.  The Secondary Education MS is for individuals who do not currently have a teaching certificate.  The outline of courses is as follows:

Master of Science in Secondary Education - Option II Non-Thesis

Catalog Program Description:

The MS in Secondary Education is for individuals interested in the improvement of education through advanced studies of curriculum and instruction in secondary education. The major in Secondary Education prepares graduates to

  1. improve student engagement, classroom management and teaching effectiveness and

  2. qualify for leadership positions in settings for which the masters is required.

A graduate with a major in secondary education should possess knowledge of the research and literature in secondary education, curriculum and instructional design, effective teaching practices, philosophical systems in education, and equity in excellence in teaching for all students. Individualized degree plans may be designed to prepare teachers for designing classroom instruction and curriculum for advanced at-risk learners.

The MS is primarily for those interested in the Masters in Secondary Education who either do not have teacher certification or whose content area specialization is in an area of the sciences.

Research (3 semester hours)
EDCI 595Research Lit Tech (3 semester hours required)3
Core Requirements (12 semester hours)
SED 511Adolescent Growth and Development3
SED 513Secondary Schl Curriculum3
SED 521Models of Tchng Sec Schl3
SED 528Learning Theories and Philosophy3
Graduate Level SED courses (3 semester hours from the following)
SED 505Teacher Leader3
SED 510Assessment in Teaching and Learning3
SED 512The Secondary School: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century3
Graduate Level Electives (18 semester hours)
6 courses (18 semester graduate level electives)18
Total Hours36


Approved electives must be sufficient to meet the 36-hour minimum program for the master's degree.  Electives may be taken in studies with the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (EDCI), early childhood, curriculum & instruction, reading, secondary education, gifted education, bilingual education and ESL or studies in other departments, within the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) or departments outside the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS).  Electives do not need to be concentrated within any particular discipline.  Students may also choose to complete a concentration of 18 hours in one of the approved disciplines which can lead to credentials for teaching dual credit courses in high schools.  If the student desires a minor field of study in a specific discipline, at least 12 semester hours must be taken in that declared minor area.  Approved disciplines for minor studies include art, early childhood education, physical sciences, English, history, mathematics, music, foreign languages, health, kinesiology and sports studies, reading, and theatre arts.  Students receiving a minor may be required to satisfy candidacy and are required to meet the comprehensive examination requirements of the minor department.

Note:  Successful completion of the Comprehensive Exam is required of all students.

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