College of Education and Human Services

Location: Young Education North Building, 903-886-5181

Dr. Raymond Green, Dean
Dr. Demarquis Hayes, Assistant Dean

The College of Education and Human Services houses seven academic departments, including the Departments of Counseling; Curriculum and Instruction; Educational Leadership; Higher Education & Learning Technologies; Health and Human Performance; School of Nursing; Psychology, and Special Education; and School of Social Work.  The departments offer programs of study that lead to bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. 

College Mission

College of Education and Human Services provides excellence driven programs that prepare student-scholars to become scientists, teachers, administrators, and practitioners who proactively address the transformational challenges of a complex digital environment and global society.  We promote instructional engagement, responsive research, quality service, and active partnerships with external constituencies. 

Graduate study in the College of Education and Human Services includes, but is not limited to, programs that prepare school administrators including principals, superintendents, and counselors.  Master's degrees are also available in educational technology, health, kinesiology, and sports studies, psychology, special education, and social work.  Details of each program may be accessed in the departmental division of this catalog:

  • Counseling, MS, MEd
  • Counselor Education and Supervision, PhD
  • Curriculum & Instruction, MS, MEd
  • Early Childhood Education, MS*, MEd*
  • Educational Administration, MEd, EdD
  • Educational Psychology, PhD
  • Educational Technology, MS, MEd
  • Educational Technology Library Science, MS, MEd
  • Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN
  • Health, Kinesiology and Sports Studies, MS
  • Higher Education, MS
  • Higher Education, EdD
  • Organization, Learning, & Technologies, MS
  • Psychology, MS
  • Public Health, MPH
  • Reading, MA*, MS*, MEd*
  • Secondary Education, MS, MEd
  • Special Education, MS, MEd
  • Specialist in School Psychology, SSP
  • Social Work, MSW
  • Supervision, Curriculum & Instruction, EdD

Federation Program with University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University.

The College of Education and Human Services offers master level Texas Education Agency approved programs leading to standard certification for teachers in bilingual education, early childhood education, elementary, middle level, career and technology education, and secondary.  Additional areas of study for certification include all-level certification in art, health, music, physical education, and special education.

Professional certificates available through Texas Education Agency approved programs in the following areas: educational diagnostician, reading specialist, school administrator (principal and superintendent), school counselor, and school librarian.

Programs in the College of Education and Human Services are designed to allow the student to complete a master's degree while completing required coursework for teacher certification and professional certificates.

Center for Educator Certification and Academic Services

Sherri Harwell, Director Center for Educator Certification and Academic Services
Young Education Building, 903-886-5182


Application to an initial teacher certification (e.g., Alternative Teacher Certification Programs) or professional certification programs should be made in the Center for Educator Certification and Academic Services. Formal admission into the graduate school and Alternative Teacher certification program and program completion is required before Texas A&M University-Commerce can recommend any initial certificate be issued. Information regarding all Teacher Education/Certification Programs may be viewed at

Post-Baccalaureate/Alternative Teacher Certification Program or Alternative Certification Only
(Standard Teacher Certification)


  1. Passing score on Pre-Admission Content Test (TX PACT) prior to submission of applications for admission.
  2. Earn admission into the Graduate School to pursue one of the following:
    1.  A Master of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction (CINS), Secondary Education (SED), Early Childhood Education (ECH), or Special Education (SPED).  There will be a question at the end of the application asking if you want to pursue a teaching certification - check yes.  
    2. To apply for teacher certification only without a Master of Science degree, apply to the Graduate School and select Educator Certification. 
    3. Graduate School application can be made at which includes a $50 non-refundable application fee.
  3. Applicants must have completed their Bachelor of Science or equivalent degree with a minimum 2.75 overall GPA or a completed master's degree with a minimum 3.0 overall GPA.  All transcripts must be submitted to the Graduate School. 
  4. Earn admission to the Alternative Teacher Certification Program located at which includes a $50 non-refundable application fee.
  5. Meet admission requirements for specific certificate and program area (see website for details).
  6. Sign and return the admission decision letter from the Certification Office.
  7. Educators who apply for certification are required to demonstrate English language proficiency by fulfilling one of the following requirements:
    1. Completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree at an accredited institution of higher education in the United States, not including US Territories.
    2. Completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree earned at an institution of higher education in a country outside of the United States approved by the State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC).
    3. If these requirements are not met, then a passing score on the TOEFL exam must be submitted.  Please note that TOEFL scores are only valid for a period of two years.  Required minimum scores are 24 for Speaking, 22 for Listening, 22 for Reading, and 21 for Writing.

If you received a Bachelor’s degree from outside of the United States then a Foreign Credential Evaluation with a Course-by-Course summary will be required.  This is to remain in compliance with TEA to verify a bachelor’s degree and to compute a core GPA.  TAMUC Graduate School also requires original, official transcripts unless you use WES-ICAP or a full Spantran evaluation.  The following is a list of acceptable Foreign Credential Evaluation Services that both TAMUC and TEA have approved:

  • Foreign Credential Service of America                                 Josef Silny & Associates                                       
  • Global Credential Evaluators, Inc.                                        Spantran                                                                     SpanTran - use this link for a discounted rate
  • International Academic Credential Evaluator, Inc.                World Education Services,                                                                
  • International Education Research Foundation, Inc.

(Program Requirements)

  1. Meet admission requirements.
  2. Complete 30 hours of field based experience in a Texas Education Agency recognized classroom prior to teaching assignment.
  3. Complete the 6 graduate level online certification courses earning no grade lower than B, maintaining a 3.0 GPA.  Four of the six courses must be completed prior to teaching assignment.
  4. Pay the $35 non-refundable TEA Assessment Fee.
  5. Once you have started taking your alternative certification classes, you may seek approval for your TExES content exam.  A passing score on the TExES content exam is required before you can begin your teaching assignment.  
  6. Teacher candidates seeking certification in EC-6 Core, 4-8 Core, ELAR 4-8 and ELAR/SS 4-8 will be required to pass a “Science of Teaching Reading” exam in addition to their TExES content exam.  A passing score on the STR exam is required before you can begin your teaching assignment if you are teaching one of the previously listed areas.
  7. Once you have completed the four (4) minimum required classes, you may seek approval for the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam.  A passing score on the PPR is required before you can obtain a Texas Teaching Certificate. 
  8. Complete a successful supervised teaching assignment in a Texas Education Agency recognized school through one of two options: Option 1 - One year paid internship as the teacher of record or Option 2 - one semester (16 weeks) as an unpaid clinical/student teacher.  If at any time the student resigns or is dismissed from employment, the student will be dismissed from the program.  Pay required fees based on type of teaching assignment.
  9. Comply with the Texas Teacher Code of Conduct, The Code of Ethics, and exhibit professional behavior at all times.
  10. If seeking a master’s degree, complete remaining courses and any degree requirements for completion of the MS degree, including the corresponding Comprehensive Exam. If not seeking a master’s degree but have remaining certification courses, finish all course work.
  11. Comply with all practices, policies, and requirements outlined by the program."

After completion of all certification program requirements, students must apply for their Standard Certificate with the Texas Education Agency in a timely manner.  Filing for certification is an online process.

Graduate Level Certifications

The department offers the following certificates, specializations and/or degrees.

  • The MS degrees can provide courses leading to EC-6, 4-8, 7-12,  8-12, 6-12, or All-Level Certification (see Post-Baccalaureate/Alternative Teacher Certification Program)
  • Minor in Bilingual/ESL Education
  • EC-6 Bilingual Certificate (See Post-Bacculaureate/Alternative Teacher Certification Program
  • All Level Gifted and Talented Certificate
  • Teacher certification without seeking a master's degree can also be obtained. (See Post-Baccalaureate/Alternative Teacher Certification Program)

Degree and Certification Requirements

The following undergraduate prerequisites for graduate majors and minors are currently in force:

Graduate Majors: Only candidates holding at least a provisional or standard teaching certificate or whose graduate program includes courses for meeting requirements of an official certification plan may be admitted for an advanced degree.

Graduate Minors: The head of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction through his/her standing committee on admissions will determine whether the minimum number of courses required by the catalog for a minor in curriculum and instruction will enable the candidate to function effectively in the field. This will be based upon each individual's professional preparation and experience.

Post-Baccalaureate/Alternative Teacher Certification Program

Students pursuing teacher certification as a graduate student should contact the Center for Educator Certification and Academic Services at 903-886-5671 for admission requirements.  Some of the graduate-level courses may be counted toward a master's degree.  Visit for more information.

All Level Gifted & Talented Certificate

  • Texas A&M University-Commerce offers an All Level Gifted and Talented certificate which prepares students for the TExES exam certification in Gifted/Talented Education.

Minor in Bilingual/ESL Education

For teachers who hold a Standard Teaching Certificate and are enrolled in the Curriculum and Instruction Med program, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers a minor in Bilingual/ESL education.

  • Students who complete the Bilingual/ESL minor should:
  1. possess the competencies necessary to teach, both in English and in Spanish, students in prekindergarten and elementary grades whose dominant language is Spanish;
  2. meet the qualifications required by the State of Texas for appointment to such positions;
  3. be prepared to translate bilingual theory and best practices into professional development, leadership and coaching positions for those working with bilingual learners.

Professional Certificate Programs
(Superintendent, Principal, School Counselor, School Librarian, Educational Diagnostician, Reading Specialist)


  1. Completion of Bachelor's Degree. For certification only programs, applicants must have completed their Master’s degree.
  2. Completion of the Graduate School application at
  3. Payment of application fee, a $50 non-refundable Graduate School application fee.
  4. Submit official copy of all graduate/undergraduate transcripts conferring master's degree (if applicable).
  5. A completed signature page that includes signed acknowledgements of FERPA, Code of Ethics, program handbook, and program Dismissal policies.
  6. Letters of Professional Recommendation are required by some, but not all, programs for admission. For additional details, please contact the academic department and/or graduate school.
  7. A current copy of the applicant’s Texas teaching certificate and service record indicating years of creditable teaching experience. Required teaching experience for admission ranges from 0 to 3 years depending on the certification program being pursued. The superintendent certification program requires a minimum of three years managerial experience and principal certification (or TEA verified equivalence) at the time of admission.
  8. Minimum GPAs for admission vary by program.  Contact the graduate school and/or the appropriate academic department for additional details.  Links to program webpages with admission criteria can be found on the Certification Office webpage:
  9. Screening as required by appropriate academic department. These may include interviews, essays, written questions, video responses or other items and vary based on the certification program. For most programs, these are completed as part of departmental review within your Graduate School admissions process. If additional items are required when applying to the Certification Office, you will be given additional information.
  10. Earn admission to the Graduate School.
  11. Completion of Application for Admission to the Professional Certification Program: Please see program admissions webpage for each program for the most up to date Certification Application links.  
  12. Payment of application fee, a $50 non-refundable fee, for Professional Certification application and payment of $35 non-refundable TEA Assessment Fee.
  13. Meet admission requirements for specific certificate and program (see website for details).
  14. Sign, date, and return the admission letter for the certification program.

(Program Requirements)

In order to successfully complete the Professional Certification Program, the following are required:

  1. Continued admission and retention in the Professional Certification Program.
  2. Successful completion of all departmental requirements, required GPAs, and appropriate state certification exams.

After completion of all professional certification program requirements, students must apply for their certificate with the Texas Education Agency in a timely manner.  Filing for certification is an online process.

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