Curriculum and Instruction MEd

The Master’s of Education (MEd) degree in Curriculum and Instruction is for Texas certified teachers interested in the improvement of classroom teaching through advanced studies in the content and methodology of subjects taught in elementary classrooms. The major in curriculum and instruction, available primarily to experienced teachers, prepares graduates to

  1. improve student engagement and teaching effectiveness and
  2. qualify for leadership positions in settings for which the master’s degree is required, and
  3. teach at the community college or dual credit classes at the high school level.

A graduate with a major in curriculum and instruction should possess knowledge of the research and literature in curriculum and instruction, curriculum and instructional design in subjects taught in elementary schools, effective teaching practices, and the teaching of students who are culturally diverse.

Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction - Option II Non-Thesis

Part A. Required Core Courses (18 semester hours)
Should complete as many Part A courses as possible before taking comprehensive examination.
EDCI 538Classroom Mgmt for Tchrs3
EDCI 559Diversity & Equity in Edu3
EDCI 545Issues in the Development of the Elementary Curriculum3
EDCI 575Differentiated Instruction3
EDCI 595Research Lit Tech (3 semester hours required)3
Curriculum/Methods Option. Choose one from:
EDCI 519Response to Intervention Applied to Exceptional Learners3
EDCI 524Language Arts Curriculum3
EDCI 530Mathematics Curriculum3
EDCI 557Social Studies Curriculum3
EDCI 558Science Curriculum3
Part B. Support Courses (12 semester hours) Can also include Graduate Courses from the Curriculum & Instruction Department (BLED, ECE, RDG, SED); Graduate Certificate in STEM Education; Graduate Certificate in Instructional Coach; Bilingual Minor; Principal Certification; or Subject Area education related content (e.g., Special Education, Physics Education, Educational Technology). *Additional courses and requirements may apply. Contact program adviser for additional information.
EDCI 500Issues in Education3
EDCI 501Foundations of Instructional Coaching 3
EDCI 519Response to Intervention Applied to Exceptional Learners3
EDCI 520Introduction to STEM Education3
EDCI 522Induction Year Seminar for School Teachers3
EDCI 524Language Arts Curriculum3
EDCI 525Project Based Learning3
EDCI 527Integrating Digital Literacies Into Traditional Instructional Settings3
EDCI 530Mathematics Curriculum3
EDCI 535Ldrshp & Supv in Sch3
EDCI 540Mathematics Instruction for the 21st Century‐Instruction 3
EDCI 541Science Instruction for 21st Century Learners3
EDCI 557Social Studies Curriculum3
EDCI 558Science Curriculum3
EDCI 560Designing Curriculum and Instruction for the Culturally Diverse Learner3
EDCI 566Practicum1-6
EDCI 529Workshop (Limit 1)3-6
EDCI 597Special Topics (Limit 1)1-4
Total Hours30

Note:  Successful completion of the Comprehensive Exam is required of all students.

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