Graduate Council

The Graduate Council consists of four elected members from each of the four colleges: Science and Engineering, Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts, Business, Education and Human Services, and one elected member from the College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources. In addition, two graduate students are elected by the graduate student body.

The Dean of Graduate School is an ex officio member and serves as chairman of the Graduate Council.

The Graduate Council formulates procedures related to all graduate programs subject to the policies, rules and regulations of the Texas A&M University System.

Graduate Council Members

College of Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts


Name Term Expires
Dr. Cynthia Ross 2024
Dr. Nicole Farris 2022
Dr. Randall Hooper 2023

College of Science & Engineering


Name Term Expires
Dr. Mutlu Mete 2022
Dr. Jeff Kopachena 2022
Dr. Bao-An Li 2023

College of Business


Name Term Expires
Dr. Caroline Hartman 2022
Dr. Zaki Malik 2022
Dr. Gerald Burch 2023

College of Education and Human Services


Name Term Expires
Dr. Dean Culpepper 2024
Dr. Kriss Kemp-Graham 2022
Dr. Sherri Colby 2023

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources


Name Term Expires
Dr. Jose Lopez 2024

Graduate School


Name Term Expires
Dr. Jennifer L. Schroeder, Chair
Doctoral Student Representative: TBD
Master’s Student Representative: TBD

Note: Year represents expiration of term

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