Reading MS

The Reading Master's degree program for individuals without a teaching certificate.

Master of Science in Reading - Option II Non-Thesis

The curriculum for the Master of Science in Reading involves a minimum of 36 semester hours of study.  The outline of study is as follows:

Research (3 semester hours)
EDCI 595Research Lit Tech (3 semester hours required)3
Required Reading Courses (24 semester hours)
RDG 520Literacy and Instruction I: Literacy Foundations In Emergent and Early Readers3
RDG 521Literacy & Instruction II: Comprehension Processes and Strategies in Later Elem., MS, & HS3
RDG 523Promoting Literacy Through Language Acquisition and Development3
RDG 528Centering and Integrating Authentic Writing Experiences in the Literacy Classroom3
RDG 540Content Area Literacy3
RDG 560Literacy Assessment3
RDG 562Critical Issues in Lit Edu3
RDG 567Practicum in Literacy Assessment/Intervention, Coaching, and Campus Leadership in Elem., MS & HS3
Support Courses (9 semester hours)
Graduate Courses from the Curriculum & Instruction Department (BLED, ECE, RDG, SED); Principal Certification, or Subject Area education related content (e.g., Special Education, Educational Technology). 9
Total Hours36

Note:  Successful completion of the Comprehensive Exam is required of all students.

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