Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems B.S.

The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems prepares students for careers in the areas of farming and food production, policy, marketing, and public service.  The program emphasizes the ecological, economical, social, and ethical aspects of food production, processing, and availability.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required courses in the major
AG 1131Intro To Agriculture1
or AEC 301 Trends in the Food Industry
AG 300Professional Agricultural Communications1
AG 350Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture3
AG 352Urban Agriculture3
AG 392GLB/Appld Ethics US World Ag3
AG 400Seminar1
AG 405Internship Agri-Industries3
or PLS 327 Hydroponic Crop Production
AG 423Natural Resources Management3
AG 462Agroecology3
AG 464Principles of Sustainability 3
AEC 2317Agricultural Economics3
or ECO 1307 Economics of Personal Finance
ANS 1319Introduction to Animal Science3
ANS 317Livestock Management Techniques3
or FDSC 318 Meat Technology
FDSC 1329Principles of Food Science3
FDSC 421Food Systems: Farm to Fork3
PLS 1307Introduction to Plant Science3
or PLS 1315 Introduction to Horticulture
PLS 2313Economic Entomology3
or PLS 324 World Herbs and Vegetables
or PLS 430 Greenhouse Management
PLS 309Soil Science3
Total Hours120

 A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all courses in this Major.

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