Agriculture Second Major

Required courses in the second major
Agricultural Economics
ANS 1319Introduction to Animal Science3
ANS 1119Introduction to Animal Science Laboratory1
ANS 317Livestock Management Techniques3
AG 1131Intro To Agriculture1
AG 300Professional Agricultural Communications1
AG 392GLB/Appld Ethics US World Ag3
AG 400Seminar1
AG 405Internship Agri-Industries3-6
AMC 315Agri Systms Technology Mgmt3
Select one of the following sequences:4
Introduction to Plant Science
and Introduction to Plant Science Lab
Introduction to Horticulture
and Introduction to Horticulture Laboratory
PLS 309Soil Science3
PLS 329Soil Science Laboratory1
CHEM 1305Survey of General Chemistry3
CHEM 1105Experimental Survey of General Chemistry: Laboratory Section1
CHEM 1307Survey of Organic and Biochemistry3
CHEM 1107Experimental Survey of Organic and Biochemistry: Laboratory Section1
MATH 1314US-College Algebra3
or MATH 1324 US-Math for Business Applications I
Total Hours38-41

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all courses in this Major with the exception of the Support Course a grade of “D” is acceptable.

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