Supply Chain Management - MS

Have you ever considered the amount of coordination it takes between companies in order to develop and deliver a product to an end user?  Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a diverse field that encapsulates the company's ability to link processes, practices, and people in a timely manner.  The Masters in Supply Chain Management equips its students to meet this growing demand.   The program aims to provide the knowledge base necessary to excel in critical SCM areas to ensure the company's success in design, assembly, and delivery of their product.

Research Component (3 semester hours required)
ECO 595Applied Business Research3
Supply Chain Management Courses (24 semester hours)
MGT 576Global Supply Chain Management3
MGT 555Project Management3
MGT 591Quality Management & Six Sigma3
SCM 520Essential Supply Chain Laws & Regulations3
SCM 540Sustainability: The Triple Bottom Line3
SCM 541Model-Based Intelligence: Designing Effective Supply Chain Networks3
SCM 542Right Part, Right Place, Right Time: The Science of Logistics Management3
SCM 545Supply Chain Analytics & Application3
Choose 1 (3 semester hours) of the following:
FIN 504Financial Management3
SCM 546Revenue Management & Forecasting Demand 3
Advisor and Department Head approval of a graduate level elective from any business fields (ACCT, ECO, FIN, BA, MGT, BUSA, MKT, SCM, or BUSA).
Total Hours30

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