Healthcare Leadership - MS

The graduate program in healthcare leadership provides professionals with the tools needed to successfully lead organizations in the dynamic and complex healthcare industry.  This program supplies students with a robust understanding of healthcare markets and policy environments, enabling them to effectively navigate organizations through informed decision-making.  Students will have the opportunity to earn a Six Sigma - Green Belt in the program, and will learn modern leadership practices to enhance productivity and growth for themselves and those working with them.   

For More Information Contact:
Dr. Greg Lubiani
Department of Management & Economics
Texas A&M University-Commerce

Required Healthcare Leadership Core (15 semester hours)
ECO 595Applied Business Research (3 semester hours required)3
or MGT 595 Management Research Methods
ECO 555Health Care Services in the U.S.3
ECO 556Health Economics3
ECO 557Health Policy3
MGT 591Quality Management & Six Sigma3
Healthcare Leadership Core Electives: Choose two (6 semester hours)
MGT 583Seminar in Leadership3
MGT 585Management & Organizational Behavior3
HHPH 544Health Management and Leadership3
Healthcare Electives: Choose Three (9 semester hours)
HHPH 510Principles of Environmental Health 3
HHPH 547Health Psychology3
HHPH 550Diversity and Health3
HHPH 587Epidemiology 3
HHPH 585Program Planning & Evaluation4
HHPH 660Global Health Issues3
Total Hours30

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