Theatre B.A./B.S.

The theatre major prepares students for careers in acting, design and technology, production, management and teaching. A graduate is expected to possess the following competencies: the ability to understand and apply the skills necessary for success as an actor or actress; to prepare students, non-students and professionals for theatrical presentations; to direct, produce and manage the overall operations of a theatre; to possess an understanding of the role of theatre in today’s society and to the theatre of other cultures.

  1. Acting/Directing/Playwriting:
    1. Successfully develop ongoing audition material to be utilized in professional auditions in the pursuit of professional theatre employment.
    2. Successfully develop production concepts and ideas for theatrical productions.
    3. Successfully develop short plays, one-act plays, and full length plays ready for production.
  2. Design/Technical Production:
    1. Successfully develop a design/technical portfolio (both physical and digital) to be utilized in the acquisition of professional theatre employment.
    2. Successfully create fully realized designs through the use and development of learned skills.
    3. Successfully utilize the management and public relations skills applied within the theatre industry.
  3. Theatrical Education:
    1. Successfully utilize theatrical techniques (including acting, directing, design, and management) for use in primary and secondary education.
Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required courses in the major
6 sh of practicum courses THE 109, THE 209, THE 309,THE 4096
GLB/US-Intro to Theatre *
THE 2341Oral Interpretation 3
or THE 311 Readers Theatre
THE 1351Fund of Acting 3
THE 215Technical Theatre3
THE 316Lighting I3
or THE 349 Costume Design
or THE 366 Scene Design I
THE 340History Of Theatre I3
THE 415Stage Directing I3
THE 440History of Theatre II3
THE 445Projects in Acting3
or THE 345 Acting Period Styles
THE 480Lyric Theatre3
THE 489Independent Study4
or THE 490 H Honors Thesis
or THE 495 Senior Theatre Project
THE 236Voice and Diction3
Electives Required
20 sh of advanced (300/400) electives must be completed20
Minor Required
18 sh in a minor is required18
Total Hours120

Other Requirements

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all courses required for this major.

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