Gender Studies Minor

Sharon A. Kowalsky (Program Director)
Location: Ferguson Social Sciences Building, Room 111, 903.886.5226
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GDRS 200GLB/Introduction to Gender Studies3
Select 15 sch (5 courses), including but not limited to, the following:15
Women Writers
GLB/Women and Art
Topics in Sexuality Studies
Gender Topics
Gender, Culture, Society
Special Topics in Gender Studies
Current Issues in Health
Women and Gender in European History
Women, Gender, and Sexuality in United States History
Gender and Visual Representations
Family Law
Psychology of Sexual Behavior
Sociology of Gender
Marriage and Family
Sociology of Sexualities
Total Hours18

Additional courses with a strong gender component can be approved on an individual basis by the Gender Studies Program Director.

Affiliated Faculty are drawn from across the University.

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GDRS 200 - Introduction to Gender Studies
Hours: 3
This interdisciplinary course provides students with an introduction to the theories and methods used in gender studies. Through the examination of a variety of topics, students will explore the ways that gender shapes societies and cultures historically and throughout the world.

GDRS 340 - Topics in Sexuality Studies
Hours: 3
This interdisciplinary course examines various problems and questions regarding human sexuality from the earliest times to the present, within the context of a comparative framework. Possible themes to be considered include: the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality, transgender studies, gender and sexuality in a historical context, and masculinity studies, among others. May be repeated once for credit as topics change.

GDRS 400 - Gender Topics
Hours: 3
Topics in Gender Studies provides students with the opportunity to explore specific issues or ideas in more depth than afforded by other courses in the minor. This course is the required capstone for the Gender Studies minor.

GDRS 425 - Gender, Culture, Society
Hours: 3
Through various topics, themes, and readings, this course explores issues in gender, culture, and society that highlight the complex ways that gender is manifested in various cultures from historical, contemporary, and global perspectives. This course offers a variety of interdisciplinary approaches to assessing the role that gender plays in social and cultural development. May be repeated for credit as topics change.

GDRS 491 - H Honors Readings
Hours: 3
Individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized content area under the direction of a faculty member. Prerequisite: Consent of head.

GDRS 497 - Special Topics in Gender Studies
Hours: 3
Special topics. May be repeated for credit as topics change.

Sharon A. Kowalsky
Professor, Department Head, and Director of Gender Studies
B.A., Washington University in S. Louis; M.A., Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill