Paralegal Studies B.A./B.S.

The Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree in Paralegal Studies is career-specific because it is designed to prepare people to work in support of attorneys. The program stresses the fundamentals of legal research, family law, probate, civil procedure, business organizations, law office management, real estate law, and constitutional law.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required courses in the major *
PLGL 222Introduction to Law 3
PLGL 223Legal Research 3
PLGL 310Law Office Management 3
PLGL 322Civil Procedure 3
PLGL 426Paralegal Internship 3
PLGL 427Torts and Personal Injury Law3
Paralegal Electives (15 semester hours from the following): 15
Constitutional Law for Paralegals
Bankruptcy For Paralegals
Business Law for Paralegals
Criminal Law & Procedure
Family Law
Real Estate Law for Paralegals
Choose BA or BS Option
(listed below)45
Total Hours120
BS ONLY (Non-Language)
Upper Level Political Science Courses, Excludes: PLGL 310, PLGL 311, PLGL 312, PLGL 321, PLGL 322, PLGL 323, PLGL 324, PLGL 325, PLGL 328, PLGL 426 and PLGL 427.3
HIST 265GLB/A World Divided: Global History3
or HIST 305 GLB/World History to 17th Century
or HIST 306 GLB/The Modern World
Minor Required
Minimum 18 hours in the Minor18
Additional Electives15
Total Hours45
BA ONLY (Lanugage)
Language Requirement
12 hours of a foreign language*12
Minor Required
Minimum 18 hours in the Minor18
Additional Electives15
Total Hours45

Other information for First and Second Majors, Paralegal Studies Major

Courses in the Paralegal Studies Major are designated as:

  • PS-R=required paralegal specialty course, PLGL 222, 223, 310, 322, 426, 427
  • PS-E=elective paralegal specialty course, PLGL 312, 321, 323, 324, 325, 328
  • NPS=non paralegal specialty course, PLGL 311

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