Legal Studies Minor

The program in legal studies was designed specifically for those students who are interested in getting into and succeeding in law school.   It exposes students to a rigorous program that includes substantive courses that contribute to the eventual study of law.  These include writing, philosophy, logic, data analysis, and the social sciences.  In addition to acquiring content, students in the legal studies minor will acquire skills in communication, analysis, and critical thinking that will help students succeed when they leave for law school.  It is compatible with any major that the prospective law student chooses.

Required Courses
PHIL 2303Logic3
Area I: Law (Select one of the following)3
Legal Environment of Business
Courts and Criminal Procedure
Law and the Courts
Constitutional Law
Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
Law, Politics, and the Judicial Process
Area II: Philosophy (Select two of the following)6
Order, Justice, and Community
Liberty, the State, and the Person
The Age of Ideology
History of Philosophy I
History of Philosophy II
General Ethics
Area III: Data Analysis (Select one of the following)3
Intro to Research Methods
Applied Data Analysis
Intro to Social Research
Intro to Math Statistics
Essentials of Statistics
Area IV: Social Sciences (Select one of the following)3
Institutional (jails, prisons) and Community Corrections
Prin Macro Economics
Economics of Personal Finance
Intro to Public Policy
Total Hours18

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