History Minor

Required courses in the minor
HIST 305World History to 17th Century3
HIST 306The Modern World3
Choose 3 sh from the following:3
HIST 342Colonial North America to 1763
HIST 343Revolutionary America, 1763-1789
HIST 344Early National United States, 1789-1850
HIST 345Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 346Modern United States 1850-1920
HIST 347The Twentieth-Century United States
Choose 3 sh from the following:3
HIST 408Themes in World History
HIST 412Mapping Our World: An Introduction to Cartography
HIST 414Global Enviro History
HIST 413Food in World History
HIST 417History of the Ottoman Empire
HIST 418Themes in Asian or Middle East History
HIST 428History of Modern Mexico
HIST 432The Late Antique Mediterranean World
HIST 433The Middle Ages
HIST 434The European Reformations
HIST 436Russia and the Soviet Union from Peter to Putin
HIST 440Modern Civil Rights Movements
HIST 443History of the American West
HIST 445Advanced Studies in Texas History
HIST 450African American History
HIST 453Mexican American History
HIST 457Themes in United States History
HIST 462Introduction to Public History
HIST 463Material Culture Analysis for Historians
HIST 466Oral History Theory and Methods
HIST 469Introduction to Digital History
HIST 473Women and Gender in European History
HIST 479Women, Gender, and Sexuality in United States History
HIST 497Special Topics in History
Choose 6 sh from any History course.6
Total Hours18

Other Requirements

A grade of “C” or better must be earned in all History courses required for this minor. Nine semester hours of history must be taken at A&M-Commerce.

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