History B.A/B.S.

The purpose of this bachelor's degree is for students to become trained in the discipline of history. The objectives of this program are to acquaint students with the human past; to provide insight into the nature of the historic process; and to teach students to analyze and think critically about historical works and issues, and express their judgments clearly in writing.  At the conclusion of this program students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of historiography, that is, a familiarity with a range of historical methods, theories, and schools of interpretation.  They will also be able to research and write thesis-driven papers on historical topics, using appropriate sources.

This particular emphasis is designed to acquaint students who do not seek teacher certification with the field of history.  This emphasis may be of interest to students who intend to pursue advanced degrees in history, or pursue a career in public history, historic preservation, or government service.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required courses in the major
HIST 305World History to 17th Century3
HIST 306The Modern World3
HIST 492Senior Research Seminar3
Choose one of the following methods courses:3
Introduction to Public History
Material Culture Analysis for Historians
Oral History Theory and Methods
Introduction to Digital History
European History
Choose 3 sh from the following:3
Ancient Europe and the Mediterranean World
The Medieval European World
Europe in the Age of Enlightenment and Revolution, 1648-1848
Modern Europe, 1848-1991
Choose 3 sh from the following:3
The Late Antique Mediterranean World
The Middle Ages
The European Reformations
Russia and the Soviet Union from Peter to Putin
Women and Gender in European History
Asian and Middle East History
Choose 3 sh from the following:3
Modern East Asia
Modern India
Modern Middle East
Latin American History
Choose 3 sh from the following:3
Colonial Latin America
Latin America in the Modern Period
U.S. History
Choose 3 sh from the following:3
Colonial North America to 1763
Revolutionary America, 1763-1789
Early National United States, 1789-1850
Civil War and Reconstruction
Choose 3 sh from the following:3
Modern United States 1850-1920
The Twentieth-Century United States
Debates in Texas History & Memory
Choose 3 sh from the following:3
Modern Civil Rights Movements
History of the American West
Advanced Studies in Texas History
African American History
Mexican American History
Themes in United States History
Women, Gender, and Sexuality in United States History
World History
Choose 3 sh from the following:3
Themes in World History
Mapping Our World: An Introduction to Cartography
Food in World History
Global Enviro History
History of the Ottoman Empire
Themes in Asian or Middle East History
History of Modern Mexico
Special Topics in History (HIST 497 may be applied to the appropriate category according to its topic and may be repeated as topics change.)
Required Electives (which may include a second major or a minor):
42 hours of electives required42
Total Hours120

Other Requirements

Any HIST 497 may be applied by the undergraduate advisor to the degree plan in the category according to the topic of the course. 

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all History courses required for this major. Fifteen semester hours of History must be taken at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

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