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The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice offers a Master of Science degree program in Sociology with core courses in sociological theory, research methodology, data analysis, and research report writing. The master’s program is conducted through a selection of appropriate courses within the framework of a non-thesis program. For additional information, students are advised to read the most recent departmental Graduate Handbook, available free from the department or departmental website.

Master of Science in Sociology - Option II Non-Thesis (Online)

30 semester hours program

Core Courses (18 semester hours)
SOC 500Orientation0
SOC 535Readings in Sociology3
SOC 574Sociological Theory3
SOC 575Advanced Research Methods3
SOC 576Data Analysis in Social Research3
SOC 577Qualitative Methodology3
SOC 595Research Literature and Techniques (3 semester hours required)3
Sociology Graduate Electives (12 semester hours)
12 semester hours (4 graduate electives).
SOC 504Stu Contemporary Sociolog3
SOC 512Soc Perspcts Marr/Family3
SOC 514Family Violence3
SOC 515Medical Sociology3
SOC 516Sociology of Education0-3
SOC 517Teaching Sociology and Criminal Justice3
SOC 553Race and Ethnic Diversity3
SOC 597Special Topics3
Total Hours30

Note:  Successful completion of the Comprehensive Exam is required of all students.

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