Teaching History Graduate Certificate

As local Independent School Districts expand their offerings of early college and dual credit courses, they are in growing need of teachers with the state-required 18 SCH of graduate history courses to teach core sections of HIST 1301 and HIST 1302, the two US History survey courses that are required in all college degree plans and for core completion.  To ensure that these teachers have the necessary background and skills to provide rigorous college-appropriate and college-level courses, the History Department at Texas A&M University-Commerce offers an 18 SCH Graduate Certificate for Teaching History.  Students completing the Graduate Certificate for Teaching History will acquire the skills and content knowledge to deliver college courses in any setting.  The non-degree certificate provides the professional qualifications necessary to fulfill school districts’ priorities while ensuring that teachers are able to maintain college-level rigor and quality and have received the required courses, training, and skills.  For more information contact Dr. Andrew Baker at  Andrew.Baker@tamuc.edu.

Required Courses (6 semester hours)
HIST 590Historiography and Historical Theory3
HIST 568Seminar in History Education3
Choose 3 (9 semester hours) from the following (US):
HIST 550Seminar in American History3
HIST 551Readings in Colonial North American History3
HIST 552Readings in Revolutionary American History3
HIST 553Readings in Modern United States History, 1850-19203
HIST 554Readings in U. S. Post 19203
HIST 556Readings in the Early National United States, 1789-18503
Choose 1 (3 semester hours) from the following (non-US):
HIST 520GLB/Seminar in World/Comparative History3
HIST 521Readings in Latin American History3
HIST 522GLB/World History Theory and Methods3
HIST 524GLB/Readings in World History3
HIST 540Seminar in European History3
HIST 542Readings in Medieval European History3
HIST 543Readings in Early Modern European History3
HIST 544Readings in Modern European History3
HIST 572Themes in Gender and Sexuality History3
HIST 573Themes in Revolution History3
HIST 574Themes in Race and Ethnicity History3
*Note: HIST 597: Special Topics can be applied in either the US or Non-US category depending on the theme of the course.
Total Hours18

Note: Coursework must be taken from Texas A&M University-Commerce with a 3.0 GPA on all courses used for this graduate certificate.  (No Substitutions) 

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