Higher Education Teaching Graduate Certificate

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Online Higher Education Teaching Graduate Certificate Program (12 Credits)


Designed for current or aspiring college instructors and dual credit teachers, our certificate prepares students with the knowledge and tools to teach effectively in the college setting. Students focus on teaching strategies and ways to enhance learning and development. Students take total 4 classes (12 credit hours), offered fully online. All credit hours earned in this program can be transferable to HIED MS program.



The certificate program in Higher Education Teaching requires a bachelor’s degree.

Higher Education Teaching Graduate Certificate

12 semester hours

HIED 615Introduction to Higher Education3
HIED 620The Adult Learner3
2 courses (6 semester hours) from the following:
HIED 541Community College Curriculum3
HIED 542Teaching in Higher Education 3
HIED 621Teaching and Learning in Higher Education3
HIED 651Curriculum Development in Higher Education3
HIED 670Diversity in HIED3
Total Hours12

Note: Students must have admission to the Graduate School.  Coursework must be completed at Texas A&M University-Commerce with a 3.0 GPA in all courses used for this graduate certificate.  (No Substitutions)

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