Plant and Soil Science Graduate Certificate

The 12 semester hour graduate certificate in Plant and Soil Science provides the student a unique opportunity to explore advanced topics in Plant and Soil Science, such as Plant Research Instrumentation, Plant Nutrition, Plant Physiology, and Advanced Plant Production methods, to expand and enhance the student's expertise in the field.  Contact Dr. Derald Harp at 903-886-5329 or email for more information.

The graduate certificate may be completed as part of the MS in Agricultural Sciences or separately on its own.

Required courses (9 semester hours)
PLS 501Plant Science Instrumentation3
PLS 502Ecological Plant Physiology3
PLS 503Plant Nutrition3
Choose 1 course (3 semester hours) from the following PLS courses:
PLS 515Pasture Management3
PLS 521Microclimates in Agriculture3
PLS 589Independent Study1-4
PLS 597Special Topics0-4
Total Hours12

Note: Students must have admission to the Graduate School.  Coursework must be completed at Texas A&M University-Commerce with a 3.0 GPA in all courses used for this graduate certificate.  (No Substitutions)

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