Sociology B.A./B.S.

A major in sociology helps individuals understand human behavior - how and why people act the way they do.  This field of study provides insights into the invisible networks of rules and institutional arrangements which guide human behavior.  Majoring in sociology provides knowledge of human behavior, organizational dynamics, and cultural diversity essential for many occupations.  Sociology majors work in business and the private sector, or public and state/federal agencies.  Graduates with a sociology degree have gained employment in such areas as city planning directors, data analysts, sales directors, managers in social service type agencies, and entered graduate school seeking a doctoral degree.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required Courses in the Major
Introduction to Sociology *
SOC 331Intro to Social Research3
SOC 332Mthds of Stat Analys4
SOC 436Sociological Theory3
SOC 485Senior Seminar in Sociology3
Plus Total 15sh From:15
Marriage and Family
Urban Sociology & Anthro
Deviant Behavior
GLB / Sociology of Health and Illness
Social Psychology
GLB/Global Social Issues
Soc of Complex Organizations
US-Drugs & Society
Racial and Ethnic Diversity
Special Topics
Juvenile Delinquency
Law and the Courts
Institutional (jails, prisons) and Community Corrections
Minor Required31
Minor plus 18 electives
Electives Required
19 semester hours required19
Total Hours120

Other Requirements

  1. A Grade of "C" or higher must be earned in all courses required for this major.
  2. Fifteen Semester hours of Sociology must be taken at Texas A&M University-Commerce.
  3. Courses transferred in from a community college may not count for senior level credit.

B.A. Foreign Language Requirement

A candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree must meet the requirements specified for the Bachelor of Science degree. In addition, the candidate must complete at least 12 semester hours (four courses) in one foreign language, or complete six semester hours above the elementary courses if two units of high school credit in the language have been submitted as a part of the regular university admission requirements, or complete three semester hours if the student presents three or four high school credits.

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