BFA in Photography - Concentration in Commercial Photography

Core Curriculum Courses 42
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BFA in Photography: Concentration in Commercial Photography
Required Creative Core (12 semester hours)
ART 1316Drawing I 3
ART 1311Two-Dimensional Design and Color Theory 3
ART 1312Three-Dimensional Design & Color Theory 3
ART 2313Visual Communication I3
Sophomore Level Studio Art Course (9 semester hours)9
Drawing II
Figure Drawing
Painting I
Sculpture I
Ceramics I
Art History Courses (15 semester hours)
History of Art I *
GLB/History of Art II *
ART 333History of Photography3
ART 404History of Contemporary Art3
3 semester hours in advanced art history3
GLB/History of Ancient Art
History of Medieval Art
Topics in Renaissance Art
Topics in Baroque Art
GLB/Topics in Non-Western Art
History Of Modern Art
History of 20th Century Graphic Design
History of American Typography
GLB/Women and Art
History of Architecture
Theories and Methods
Special Topics
Required Photography Courses (24 semester hours)
PHO 2357Basic Photography3
PHO 209Introduction to Video3
PHO 210Introduction to Studio Lighting3
PHO 341Commercial Photography 3
PHO 350Advanced Digital Photography3
PHO 360B&W Darkroom Techniques3
PHO 450Photography Seminar3
PHO 495Photography Internship3
Required Visual Communication Courses (6 semester hours)
ART 300Typography3
ART 472Art Direction3
Visual Communication electives (3 semester hours)3
Creative Thinking
Design Communications I
Prescribed Courses: Commercial Photography Concentration (15 semester hours)15
Photography Appreciation
Experimental Concepts
Alternative Print Making
Advanced Video
Independent Study
Location and Event Photography
Special Topics
Business Practices in Photography
Independent Study
Special Topics
Total Hours120

This course will satisfy the Core Curriculum requirement for Creative Arts or Degree Pathway.

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all courses in this Major.

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