Applied Mathematics Minor

Satisfactory completion of at least (12 semester hours) of the following courses will meet the requirements for a minor in mathematics.

MATH 501Mathematical Statistics I3
MATH 502Mathematical Statistics II3
MATH 511Real Analysis I3
MATH 512Real Analysis II3
MATH 515Dynamical Systems3
MATH 517Calculus of Finite Differences3
MATH 522General Topology I3
MATH 523General Topology II3
MATH 532Fourier Analysis and Wavelets3
MATH 533Linear and Nonlinear Optimization3
MATH 531Theory of Matrices3
MATH 537Theory of Numbers3
MATH 538Functions of Complex Variables I3
MATH 539Functions of Complex Variables II3
MATH 543Abstract Algebra I3
MATH 544Abstract Algebra II3
MATH 546Numerical Methods and Learning3
MATH 561Regression Analysis3
PHYS 517Mathematical Methods in Physics3
Total Hours12

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