Women's & Gender Studies Graduate Certificate

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The Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate is a 12 SCH interdisciplinary program that enhances a student's existing degree or can be completed by non-degree students.  Satisfactory completion of the one required course and at least 3 of the following courses will meet the requirements of the Women's and Gender Studies Graduate Certificate. *Note: Degree-seeking students who complete the requirements of the Graduate Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies also complete the requirements for the Graduate Minor in Gender Studies.  For more information please contact Dr. Sharon Kowalsky at Sharon.Kowalsky@tamuc.edu or call 903-886-5928.

Required 3 SCH of Gender Theory
GDRS 500Gender Theory3
Choose 9 SCH from the following:
ARTS 532Gender, Art, and Popular Culture3
CJ 533Gender and Crime3
EDCI 559Diversity & Equity in Edu3
ENG 780Text and Genders3
GDRS 597Special Topics3
HIST 572Themes in Gender and Sexuality History3
SOC 512Soc Perspcts Marr/Family3
SOC 514Family Violence3
or CJ 514 Family Violence
THE 513Survey of Marginalized Theatre3
Total Hours12

Note: Students must have admission to the Graduate School.  Coursework must be completed at Texas A&M University-Commerce with a 3.0 GPA in all courses used for this graduate certificate.  (No Substitutions)

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