Veronica Vaughan, Graduate Coordinator for Visual Communication 214-954-3636;

Requires at least 60 semester hours.

Master of Fine Arts in Art with an emphasis in Visual Communication - Option II Non-Thesis

Research capstone (7 semester hours required)
ARTS 595Research Literature & Techniques3
ARTS 552Master of Fine Arts Exhibition in Visual Communication4
Required Courses (38 semester hours)
ARTS 540Studio 1 Creative Method3
ARTS 541Studio 2 Design Education, Theory & Practice3
ARTS 542Studio 3 Design Writing3
ARTS 543Studio 4 Cross-Cultural3
ARTS 545Studio 6 Thesis Topic3
ARTS 585Exhibition Research Application3
ARTS 546Studio 7 Design Studio Processes3
ARTS 547Studio 8 Design Tchg4
ARTS 548Exhibition Development4
ARTS 549Studio 9. User-centered Design Experience3
ARTS 550Studio 10. Ideation, Process and Product3
ARTS 551Studio 11.Creative Promotion and Innovation 13
Required Support Courses (15 semester hours)
ARTS 507History of Graphic Design3
ARTS 511The History of American Typography3
ARTS 502Design Teaching Methods3
ARTS 506Design Teaching Environment3
ARTS 597Special Topics1-4
Total Hours60

Note:  Successful completion of the Comprehensive Exam is required of all students.

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