Spanish Secondary Teacher Certification

This plan of study is for students who wish to be certified to teach Spanish at the secondary level (grades 7-12). It requires 36 semester hours.

Required courses within this teaching field Intermediate
SPA 1311GLB/Elementary Spanish I 3
SPA 1312GLB/Elementary Spanish II3
SPA 2311GLB/Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPA 2312 GLB/Intermediate Spanish II3
SPA 331Spanish Conversation, Language, and Culture Through Film3
or SPA 333 GBL/Spa for Heritage Speakers
SPA 332Spanish Comp and Grammar3
SPA 341Intro to Spanish Literature3
or SPA 342 GLB/ Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
SPA 475Methods for Teaching Spa3
SPA 483Professional Writing in Spanish3
Plus 9 sh from:9
GLB/ Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
GLB/Spanish Culture & Civil
GLB/Latin Am Culture & Civil
GLB/SPA: Topics in Latin American Comparative Cultural Studies
GLB/Issues in Spanish Literature and Culture
Special Topics
Support courses
Teaching English as a Second Language
Language & Society
Total Hours36

Specialization in Bilingual for Interdisciplinary Studies Majors (for Elementary Teaching EC4)

Students desiring to teach in elementary school should consult the appropriate advisor in Elementary Education.


Refer to the Department of Curriculum & Instruction section of this catalog.

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all courses in this Major .

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