B.S. in Early Childhood Education

Core Curriculum Requirements
See the Core Curriculum Rqquirements42
Interdisciplinary Core Courses
IS 351Science Inquiry I3
HHPK 324Health and Kinesiology for Children3
MATH 1350Mathematics for Teachers I3
SPED 346Survey of Exceptionalities3
Specialization Courses
EDCI 412Emergent Bilinguals: Theory and Practice3
ECE 313Child Development: Early Years3
ECE 320Assessment in Early Childhood: Assessing the Whole Child3
ECE 321Play & Creativity in Early Childhood Education3
ECE 322Family and Community Partnerships in Early Childhood Education3
ECE 358GLB/Language Acquisition & Development in Early Childhood Education3
ECE 366Learning Environments3
ECE 460Teaching STEAM in ECE3
ECE 364Theor Influencing Cld Dev3
Professional Development Courses
ELED 1301GLB/Education in Global Societ3
ELED 300Introduction To Teaching3
PSY 310GLB/US-Psychology and Sociology of Diverse Populations3
RDG 350Reading and Literacy I3
RDG 360Word Analysis Skills3
RDG 370Reading & Literacy II3
Internship Courses
ELED 440Instructional Strategies Across Content Areas (Science, Social Studies, and Math)3
ELED 447Data and Assessment in Field-Based Settings3
RDG 448Supporting Literacy Development of Emergent Bilingual Learners in Field Based Setting3
SPED 480Issues for Inclusion3
Clinical Teaching Courses
ELED 443Creating Effective Learning Environments in Culturally Diverse Field-Based Settings3
ELED 452Student Teaching in Field-Based Teacher Education Programs9
Total Hours123

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