Physics B.A./B.S. with Emphasis in Pre-Medical

Physics B.A./B.S. with Emphasis in Pre-Medical is a program designed  for students interested in pursuing a medical degree or advanced degree in medical or radiation physics after graduation.  The degree program consists of a major in Physics and a Minor in Biology.  Students who in addition complete CHEM 340 will receive a Minor in Chemistry.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required courses in the major
PHYS 101Physics and Astronomy Seminar1
PHYS 119Introduction to Python Computer Programming for the Physical Sciences1
PHYS 2425University Physics I4
PHYS 2426University Physics II4
PHYS 317Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering3
PHYS 321Modern Physics3
PHYS 333Wave Motion, Acoustics, and Optics4
PHYS 335Advanced Physics Laboratory3
PHYS 401Current Topics in Physics and Astronomy (1 sh, must be repeated for total of 2 sh)2
PHYS 411Classical Mechanics3
PHYS 412Electricity and Magnetism3
PHYS 414Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory3
PHYS 420Quantum Mechanics3
Required courses for Biology Minor
BSC 1406Introductory Biology I4
BSC 1407Introductory Biology II4
BSC 303Cell Biology4
BSC 304Genetics4
BSC 305General Physiology4
BSC 306Applied Microbiology4
Required support courses
CHEM 1111General and Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory I1
CHEM 1112General and Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory II1
General and Quantitative Chemistry I *
General and Quantitative Chemistry II *
CHEM 2123Organic Chemistry Laboratory I1
CHEM 2125Organic Chemistry Laboratory II1
CHEM 2323Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 2325Organic Chemistry II3
Calculus I *
Calculus II *
MATH 2415Calculus III4
Total Hours120

* This course should be taken to fulfill Core Curriculum Requirements.

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