Physics Second Major

 A student who elects a second major in physics must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours in PHYS or ASTR courses, including 12 credit hours in advanced (300-400 level) subject matters (the course PHYS 451 does not count towards the second major). Selection of courses should be determined by the student's interests and approved by the department undergraduate advisor. Please contact either Physics and Astronomy Department Undergraduate Advisor or Department Head.

Courses Required
PHYS 101Physics and Astronomy Seminar1
PHYS 2425University Physics I4
PHYS 2426University Physics II4
PHYS 317Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering3
PHYS 321Modern Physics3
PHYS 333Wave Motion, Acoustics, and Optics4
PHYS 401Current Topics in Physics and Astronomy (1 sh, must be repeated for total of 2sh)2
Plus a minimum of 3 sh from:3
Computational Physics with Python
Digital Electronics
Classical Mechanics
Electricity and Magnetism
Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory
Quantum Mechanics
Advanced Physics Laboratory
Stellar Structure and Evolution
Galaxies and Cosmology
Nuclear Astrophysics
Total Hours24

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all courses in this Major .

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