Bachelors of General Studies - Competency-Based

 The Bachelor of General Studies- competency-based (GSCB) provides maximum flexibility for students who wish to create an individualized path to a bachelor's degree utilizing previous courses from diverse disciplines.  Students must complete at least 24 semester hours of advanced coursework coupled with 12 semester hours in required Applied Major courses.  Up to 85 semester hours (including WCEM and military credits can be accepted.  The remaining coursework may e completed online in 7-week terms from the existing inventory of competency-based courses offered in the College of Innovation and Design).

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Advisor-Approved Eletectives:42
Advanced Electives:24
Applied Major Courses:12
Pathways, Purpose, Exploration and Career
Innovative Design for Problem Solving
Leveraging Diversity in Design and Leadership
Capstone: Designing Your Future as an Innovative Leader
Total Hours120

All competency-based BGS courses in the Applied Major section must be completed with a grade of B or higher.

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