BAAS in Organizational Leadership

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Organizational Leadership (ORGL) degree is a competency-based program that prepares innovative leaders for employment in an increasingly technological and global society. This program provides opportunities for students to receive credit for what they know and can do already, allows them to accelerate completion of their degree and — because it is fully online — students are able to plan their study schedule around the rest of their day to complete the coursework.

All competency-based coursework must be completed with a mastery of 80% or higher on all posttests and required assignments.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Professional Development Electives*48
Critical Thinking
Students may transfer in coursework to fulfill this requirement, or select from the following range of courses:
Introduction to Organizations
Record Keeping for Leaders
Talent Leadership in Human Resources
Legal Issues in Organizations
Leading Innovation
Numbers for Leaders
Research Methods
Project Management for Leaders
Developing Globally Competent Leaders
Applied Major Courses30
Foundations of Organizational Leadership
Organizational Communication
Organizational Ethics
Data Driven Decision Making
Organizational Behavior
Leadership Theory
Leading Change
Leading Diverse and Inclusive Teams
Capstone I
Capstone II
Total Hours120

Second Bachelor's Degree in BAAS-Organizational Leadership

For students who have already acquired a Bachelor’s degree and are seeking a 2nd Bachelor’s degree in BAAS-Organizational Leadership, the following courses need to be completed:  ORGL 3311; ORGL 3321; ORGL 3322; ORGL 3331; ORGL 3332; ORGL 4341; ORGL 4343; ORGL 4342; ORGL 4352; ORGL 4361



We have created a track within our existing Organizational Leadership degree specifically for paraprofessionals and other adult learners who are seeking a seamless path to alternative teacher certification after completing a bachelor’s degree.  This specially-created curriculum blends knowledge and skills-development as a leader, but also prepares students for a career trajectory as a K-12 teacher.  Students will complete a total of ten courses.  Three of these courses provide an applied focus on educational issues and leadership as well as career readiness to pursue teaching as a future occupation.

Required courses for Teacher Preparation Emphasis
ORGL 3331Data Driven Decision Making3
ORGL 4352Capstone I3
ORGL 4361Capstone II3

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