Supply Chain Management Courses

SCM 520 - Essential Supply Chain Laws & Regulations
Hours: 3
Current policies and regulations govern every element of supply chain transactions and processes. As such, understanding and planning for the ways these laws impact the decisions of supply chain managers, and can be essential to gaining a competitive advantage. This course will examine a wide array of legal topics that shape and impact both domestic and global supply chain management.

SCM 540 - Sustainability: The Triple Bottom Line
Hours: 3
Sustainable operations have become an important component in Supply Chain Management. It is imperative for supply chain managers to understand the actions they can take to ensure long-term sustainable operations. This course focuses on both internal and external actions managers can take to develop these sustainable operations.

SCM 541 - Model-Based Intelligence: Designing Effective Supply Chain Networks
Hours: 3
As companies grow, managing the need to control inventory, reduce costs, and respond to demand can become a daunting task. This course explores the use of mathematical optimization modeling software and enterprise resource planning systems to determine appropriate supply chain decisions. Ultimately, the goal is to create the most efficient and effective network possible, enabling the company to serve their network in a timely manner.

SCM 542 - Right Part, Right Place, Right Time: The Science of Logistics Management
Hours: 3
Concepts surrounding transporting goods and materials closer to the consumer creates both profit and problems. This course addresses the issues those in transportation face in delivering the most critical and complex component of supply chain design. The approach for this course is to take an in-depth look at how the methods, laws, and policies of transportation affect the design and implementation of transportation. The goal of the course is to provide problem-solving techniques for in order to develop more effective and more efficient transportation networks.

SCM 545 - Supply Chain Analytics & Application
Hours: 3
In terms of supply chains from both research and practitioner viewpoints, various analytical methods, tools, and techniques exist today. This course focuses on sound insights and improved decision-making in supply chain management from rigorous data analysis. Emphasis is on the application of these methods, with a particular focus on integrating analytical tools and techniques. These are applied to major supply chain functions which include: demand forecasting, procurement assessment, inventory analysis, transportation, supply and subcontract pricing, and primary logistics.

SCM 546 - Revenue Management & Forecasting Demand
Hours: 3
This course is designed to investigate the techniques of the forecasting process as applied to business in relation to macroeconomics, with an emphasis on supply chains. Experience is gained in using four popular forecast methods, developing a causal variable hypothesis for forecasting, and in collecting and analyzing data.

SCM 589 - Independent Study
Hours: 1-4
Individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized contentarea under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated when the topic varies. Prerequisite: Consent of department head.