Library and Info Sci Courses

LIS 512 - Info Ref & Mediographic
Hours: 3
Information, Reference, and Mediographic Services. Three semester hours. Includes a detailed study of the basic and most useful reference sources with strong emphasis on new computer technologies applicable to the school library situation.

LIS 515 - Cataloging/Classification
Hours: 3
Cataloging and Classification. Three semester hours. Descriptive cataloging of print and non-print materials for the school library. Emphasizes Anglo-America Cataloging Rules, Dewey Decimal Classification, and Sears Subject Heading.

LIS 520 - Foundations of Educational Technology
Hours: 3
This course will introduce the student to the history, theoretical foundations, critical issues, applications, diffusion and adoption of technology. Students will identify, develop and apply a variety of technological skills congruent to their educational technology philosophy. Crosslisted with: ETEC 524.

LIS 524 - Dev General/Spec Collectn
Hours: 3
Developing General and Specialized Collections. Three semester hours. Examines principles and practices in selecting print and non-print media for school library programs. Evaluates media for children and young adults.

LIS 527 - Books Child/Young Adults
Hours: 3
Books and Related Materials for Children and Young Adults. Three semester hours. In-depth study of leading examples of media as they relate to the curriculum and the role of the school librarian.

LIS 540 - Admin School Libraries
Hours: 3
Administration of School Libraries - Three semester hours Administration of a school library is a complex process that affects the entire school. The librarian must manage a many-faceted operation that involves staff, materials, equipment, facility, and furnishings. Application of management principles and state library competencies will be studied as they relate to the school library program. The course will cover the library in relation to curriculum, selection and acquisition of materials and equipment, scheduling, facility design, cooperative planning with staff members, censorship, and professional standards including laws and regulations.

LIS 550 - Practicum in a School Library
Hours: 3
Open only to graduate students applying for school librarian cetification, this course is designed to give the student experiences in organization, administration, selection, classification, cataloging, and reference work in a school library under the supervision of a certified librarian. Prerequisites: LIS 512, LIS 515, LIS 524, LIS 527, LIS 540, ETEC 579, and permission of the instructor.

LIS 589 - Independent Study
Hours: 1-4
Individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized content area under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated when the topic varies. Prerequisites: Consent of Department Head.

LIS 595 - Research Methods
Hours: 3
Provides a study of research methodologies with appropriate practical application in relevant problem solving. Specific research types, including action research, will be emphasized. The student is required to demonstrate his or her competence in the investigation and formal reporting of a problem working together to analyze, evaluate and apply information to for preparation of an individual research proposal.

LIS 596 - Capstone: Eportfolios & Program Evaluation
Hours: 3
This course is intended for students in the last semester of the ETLS master’s degree program. In this course students explore ePortfolios as a means to support metacognition (inquiry, reflection, and integration) essential practices of lifelong learning, they will assess learning, and evaluate learning programs. Students will also submit their ETEC eportfolios for peer review and revise for final submission for graduation. Prerequisites: ETEC 524 Min Grade C and ETEC 527 Min Grade C and ETEC 562 Min Grade C and ETEC 579 Min Grade C, and LIS 512 Min Grade C, LIS 515 Min Grade C, LIS 524 Min Grade C, LIS 527 Min Grade C, LIS 540, LIS 550 Min Grade C. Crosslisted with: ETEC 596.

LIS 597 - Special Topics
Hours: 0-4
Organized class. May be repeated when topics vary.