Educational Technology Courses

ETEC 518 - Thesis
Hours: 3-6

ETEC 524 - Introduction to Educational Technology
Hours: 3
This course will introduce the student to educational technology and current research on critical issues, trends, diffusion and adoption of technology and history and theoretical foundations of the field. Students will identify, develop and apply a variety of technological skills congruent to their educational technology philosophy. Crosslisted with: LIS 520.

ETEC 526 - Games & Simulations for Learning
Hours: 3
This course examines games and simulations as learning technologies, including defining qualities and characteristics, as well as theories of learning and play. Emphasis is placed on processes for designing and selecting appropriate games and simulations based on analysis of instructional needs.

ETEC 527 - Web 2.0 Technologies for Instruction
Hours: 3
This course explores the current and emerging Web 2.0 technologies used in education and other instructional settings. Students will explore, analyze, and design uses of these technologies to enhance instruction. Emphasis will be on the appropriate selection of technologies for various instructional goals and settings.

ETEC 528 - Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum
Hours: 3
This course will explore the power of capturing and sharing a personal narrative through various approaches using different forms of technology. Students will have the opportunity to learn various techniques for capturing and telling stories, a brief understanding of storytelling, and a chance to create and share autobiographical, interview biographical and global stories shared through different media.

ETEC 561 - Supporting Learning with Technology
Hours: 3
This course focuses on learning theory and principles underlying learning-centered uses of technology to support the learning process. Students will explore and analyze communication technologies applicable to teaching and learning, and will design a unit of instruction using a learning-centered approach supported with technology.

ETEC 562 - Applying Instructional Media & Technology
Hours: 3
Applying Instructional Media and Technology. Three semester hours. Introduces students to the selection and use of computer-based media, multimedia, and conventional media, in the preparation of materials for instructional purposes. Special attention is given to computer hardware and software involved in computer based media production, digital formatting technology, and multimedia processes.

ETEC 568 - Makerspaces
Hours: 3
This course will explore a movement that has emerged in the last decade on several levels. Through reading and research students will begin to understand the culture and structure of the maker movement and how it can be implemented in existing schools. Students will also have a chance to participate in several aspects of making through prototyping with electronics, microcontrollers and some simple computer programming in C++ on the Arduino. This class is designed to serve as in introduction to making.

ETEC 575 - Student-centered Learning Environments
Hours: 3
This course studies the theoretical basis, defining characteristics, and current research on the design of student-centered learning environments. Students will design a student-centered learning environment that supports adult or non-adult learning through problem contexts enriched with appropriate scaffolds, timely resources, and technology tools.

ETEC 578 - Instructional Design & Development
Hours: 3
Same as OLT 578. Students will utilize a systems approach to design and develop instruction. The five phases of instructional design: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation, are examined.

ETEC 579 - Implementation of Educational Technology Programs
Hours: 3
An examination of the theories, practices, and competencies required for effective implementation of educational technology programs. Examines historical trends in technology integration and explores key factors and considerations for the implementation of instructional technology programs.

ETEC 588 - Issues In Ed Tech & Tech Chg
Hours: 3
Issues in Educational Technology and Technological Change. Three semester hours. This course focuses on the processes by which professional change agents (for example, educational technologists) influence the introduction, adoption, and diffusion of technological change. The interlocking relationships of technology, culture, and society and the role of the change agent in affecting those relationships are covered. Students learn how to predict and minimize the undesirable consequences of change and how to enhance the development of communication skills required when working with people. areas to the addressed, but not limited to include mentoring for and with technology, assistive technology solutions, and applications of emerging technologies.

ETEC 589 - Independent Study
Hours: 1-4
Independent Study. One to four semester hours. Individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized content area under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated when the topic varies. Prerequisites: Consent of department head.

ETEC 591 - Online, Virtual, and Distributed Learning Systems
Hours: 3
Three semester hours. Examines theories and practice of online, virtual, or distributed learning systems, such as flipped classrooms, hybrid or blended learning environments, and distance education. Emphasis is on the design and implementation of effective instructional strategies for online, virtual, or distributed learning environments. Prerequisites: ETEC 524 or permission of the instructor.

ETEC 593 - Strategic Planning for Technology Integration
Hours: 3
This course examines the process for developing and implementing a strategic plan for technology integration in educational settings. Emphasis is placed on developing a mission, vision, and priority goals for technology integration that align with school/institution strategic plans, as well as state technology and readiness standards.

ETEC 594 - Technology and Inquiry-based Instructional Methods
Hours: 3
Technology and Inquiry-based Instructional Methods - Three semester hours. This course examines the role of technology in the inquiry-based instructional methods vital to fostering critical thinking and complex problem solving skills and abilities. Emphasis is placed on social constructivist learning theories and inquiry-based instructional methods, such as case study approaches and problem- or project- based learning.

ETEC 595 - Research Methods
Hours: 3
Provides a study of research methodologies with appropriate practical application in relevant problem solving. Specific research types, including action research, will be emphasized. The student is required to demonstrate his or her competence in the investigation and formal reporting of a problem.

ETEC 596 - ETEC Capstone: Eportfolios & Program Evaluation
Hours: 3
This course is intended for students in the last semester of the EDTE or ETLS masters degree program. The course will explore eportfolios as a means to support metacognitive reflection (a key to lifelong learning), make thinking visible, assess learning, and evaluate learning programs. Students will also develop a learning technology program evaluation plan and submit their ETEC eportfolios for peer review and revise for final submission for graduation. Prerequisites: ETEC 524, ETEC 527, ETEC 562, ETEC 579. Crosslisted with: LIS 596

ETEC 597 - Special Topics
Hours: 3
Special Topics. One to four semester hours. Organized class. May be repeated when topics vary.