Astronomy Courses

ASTR 503 - Galactic Astronomy
Hours: 3
This course covers numerous topics related to the structure and evolution of galaxies. Modern astrophysical observational techniques, stellar properties, and dust extinction are introduced in a galactic astronomy context. The physical structure and evolution of star clusters and galaxies, components of the Milky Way, and properties of the interstellar medium are also discussed. Finally, students analyze theories and observations of stellar dynamics and the cosmological distance scale.

ASTR 589 - Independent Study
Hours: 1-4
Independent Study 1-4 semester hours.

ASTR 597 - Special Topics
Hours: 1-4
Special Topics. One to Four semester hours. Organized class. May be repeated when topics vary. Some sections are graded on a Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) basis.