Agricultural Education Minor

AGED 371Agricultural & Youth Leadershi3
AGED 404Supervised Experience Programs3
AGED 470Meth Tchg Ag Sci/Tech3
AGED 471The Prog Instr Ag Sci/Tech3
Plus 6 sh from:6
Student Tch Secondary Sch *
Internship Agri-Industris
Required Support Courses3
3 sh from:
Agri Systms Technology Mgmt
Agricultural Safety
Laboratory Management in Agricultural Mechanization
Total Hours21

 Must also complete prerequisites for AGED 465 Student Tch Secondary Sch which include PSY 300 Learning Processes and DevelopmentPSY 300 Learning Processes and Development,ETEC 424 Integrating Tech into Curricul, SED 300 Teaching Profession. if planning to student teach.