University College Courses

UNCO 1301 - Signature Course
Hours: 3
A Signature Course at Texas A&M University- Commerce offers first-year students the opportunity to explore unique topics in engaging learning environments. Students develop college-level skills in communication, critical thinking, and social responsibility through a rigorous intellectual experience.

UNCO 2301 - University Engagement and Applied Leadership
Hours: 0
This course is for students who serve as mentors to first-year students. In this course, students will learn theories of leadership, how to apply their leadership skills in their mentor groups, and will receive training to on important topics relevant to university leadership and engagement including inclusivity, mental health, information literacy, Title IX, working with students who require educational accommodations, et cetera.

UNCO 101 - Peer Mentoring
Hours: 0
This class orients students to college life while supporting the student’s transition to become successful and engaged in all segments of the university’s programs and services. This course prepares students for optimal success at the university and beyond by motivating them to develop skills, knowledge and behaviors that will create confident, self-sufficient learners.

UNCO 111 - Critical Thinking
Hours: 1-3
Critical Thinking - One semester hour This course introduces students to theories of learning and critical thinking and provides a learning framework to apply them to their college and life experiences. Concepts studies include research and theory on how people learn, critical thinking, problem solving, perception, learning styles, memory, creativity, and how attitudes and values affect the learning and thinking processes. The course also shows students how to apply these theories and research findings to help develop practical skills in critical thinking, time management, reading, note taking, testing taking, other areas that will help them be more successful students and lifelong learners.