General Studies CB

GSCB 100 - CBE - Orientation
Hours: 0

GSCB 301 - Pathways, Purpose, Exploration and Career
Hours: 3
Students will explore the changing future of work and their place in it. Planning for academic success and future career opportunities will be discussed. Students will also learn about personal leadership, reflecting on their own strengths and abilities, and will draw upon perceptions from others to construct their own understanding of leadership.

GSCB 402 - Innovative Design for Problem Solving
Hours: 3
Students will be oriented to address the following questions: what problem in the world do I want to be part of the solution to, and how am I, myself, a problem to be solved? In this course, students will research a problem related to their aspiring career interests. Students will also learn to overcome obstacles that may limit a growth mindset personally and professionally. Prerequisites: GSCB 301 (can be taken concurrently).

GSCB 404 - Leveraging Diversity in Design and Leadership
Hours: 3
Changing demographics and globalization patterns shape the context of employment trends and necessitate an innovative leader that is culturally competent and aware of their own biases. In this course, students will explore their future career plans and analyze their capacity to work in a diverse environment and with diverse co-workers. Implications of this for leadership will be discussed. Prerequisites: GSCB 301 with a minimum grade of B and GSCB 402 with a minimum grade of C.

GSCB 405 - Capstone: Designing Your Future as an Innovative Leader
Hours: 3
This course provides an opportunity to reflect on what has been learned about life design, career development, the future of work, and leadership in all previous courses in the BGS program. Students will apply this learning to demonstrate mastery in the program learning outcomes of written/oral communication, career management, integrative learning, critical thinking/problem solving, and leadership. Prerequisites: GSCB 301 and GSCB 402 with grades of B or better. GSCB 404 (can also be taken concurrently).

GSCB 491 - H Ind Honors Readings
Hours: 3
Individual Honors Readings. Three semester hours.