Education Curr & Inst Courses

EDCI 412 - Emergent Bilinguals: Theory and Practice
Hours: 3
This course provides teacher candidates an introduction to the laws, philosophies and theories of ESL schooling with an emphasis on the evolution of language policy and the sociological, psychological, and legal implications. Students will also gain knowledge of effective oral language and literacy practices for English Language Learners in grades K-12. Moreover, teacher candidates will have opportunities to reflect on their own language learning and schooling experiences then compare them to practices shown by research to be effective. Prerequisites: RDG 350 with a minimum grade of C or concurrent enrollment or ELED 300 with a minimum grade of C.

EDCI 414 - Management and Curriculum Development for Diverse Learners
Hours: 3
This course contains the professional body of knowledge necessary for effective teaching in a K-12 classroom. The focus is teaching and learning in diverse environments with an emphasis on instructional design and methods of organizing and managing a classroom. The content of this course will include classroom management approaches, curriculum and lesson planning, teaching models, assessment, effective communication strategies, and certification issues. Students will exhibit an understanding of the domains and competencies of the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities certification examination. Prerequisites: Permission of Advisor, minimum overall GPA of 2.5, admission to teacher education program, and must have passed TSI. ELED 412 for EC-6 majors. Corequisite EDCI 422. Corequisites: ELED 422. Crosslisted with: EDCI 514.

EDCI 415 - Eff Tchg in a Diverse Envir.
Hours: 3
Effective Teaching in a Diverse Environment This course focuses on understanding learning theories and aligning effective teaching strategies that address the needs of all students. Included in this course will be a variety of diversity issues which focus on curricular, instructional, managerial and assessment techniques. Use of educational technologies in teaching and learning will be incorporated. Students will exhibit an understanding of the legal responsibilities and professional responsibilities of Texas teachers as assessed by TExES. Prerequisites: EDCI 414 co-requisite EDCI 422. Note: minimum overall GPA of 2.5, admission to teacher education program, and must have passed TSI. Enrollment is limited to students working as educational aides. Cross listed with EDCI 515

EDCI 497 - Special Topics
Hours: 0-4