Agricultural Leadership and Communications Courses

ALC 2301 - Introduction to Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication
Hours: 3
This course is an introduction to principles of leadership, personal skill development, academic and scholarly development and application of leadership theory and leadership models. Emphasis in leadership styles, application of theory, social justice, conflict management, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, self-assessment, and reflection as applied to agriculture.

ALC 2302 - Personal Leadership Development in Agriculture
Hours: 3
This course focuses on the development of leadership in agricultural and related settings. The development, application, and reflection of personal leadership capabilities through self-assessments and experiential learning activities will be explored. Development of effective leadership identity through personal leadership inventories which include strengths, personality type, values, vision, communications skills, influence, commitment, goal achievement strategies, and emotional intelligence.

ALC 3301 - Organizational Leadership Development in Agriculture
Hours: 3
This course is designed for students who are interested in positions of leadership and who want to learn more about creating, organizing, and direction of effective groups and teams. Exploration of strategies and techniques for successful teams including conflict management, facilitation, negotiation, skill building, and experiential activities in agriculture. Topics of discussion include: components of a group and team, relationships of group and team members, effectiveness of groups and teams, and communication within groups and teams. Focus on major theories and impact of effective leadership in organizations in both theory and practice will also be explored. Students will develop skills in decision-making, management, and ethical leadership related to agricultural organizations.

ALC 3311 - Contemporary Issues in Agriculture Leadership, Education, and Communications
Hours: 3
This course is an evaluation of current issues pertaining to leadership in agriculture including a historical look at leadership and its impact on produces and consumers. Content and teaching will promote understanding of the agricultural industry with a focus on advocacy, written, online, and oral communications.

ALC 3312 - Agricultural Communications and Publications
Hours: 3
This course provides students with an introduction to the field of agricultural communications and journalism by providing an overview of the history, importance and role communications play in agriculture. This course will introduce the communication process, how agricultural communicators utilize media to reach a variety of audiences, audience analysis, blog and social media writing, photography, newsletters.

ALC 4301 - Professional Presentations in Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications
Hours: 3
This course emphasizes techniques of interviewing resume writing, letters of inquiry, and presentation of scientific and technical oral reports. Effective listening strategies, communication strategies, interpersonal skills and presentation strategies essential for use in today's workplace will also be explored through the study and application of strategies and techniques for effective presentations in the food, agricultural, natural resources, as well as other professions, with emphasis on oral and visual presentation techniques. Presentation skills and strategies for formal and informal situations including conferences, poster presentations along with leadership, conflict resolution, interviewing, negotiation, and group communication theory and strategies will be discussed.

ALC 4311 - Public Relations, Crisis Communications, and Leading Change
Hours: 3
This course offers the development of theoretical knowledge of strategically managing communications and developing mutually beneficial relationships with the public, crisis issue management, crisis communication, image repair discourse, and implementing effective change leadership. Best practices (and other) practices are discussed through real-world case studies.

ALC 4312 - Senior Portfolio in Agricultural Leadership and Communications
Hours: 3
This course is designed to develop an ongoing reflection of individual accomplishments, skills, activities, programs, and other related experiences contributing to student personal development. The course will focus on: a personal statement of leadership/personal mission statement, resume, compilation of leadership experiences, and compilation of reflective essays on leadership experience including reflection on student leadership style, key qualities and strengths you possess, essay on leadership growth, goals, professional experience, certificates, honors, and letters of reference.

ALC 4602 - Professional Internship in Agricultural Leadership and Communications
Hours: 6
This course provides the opportunity for students to gain on-the-job experience to prepare them for careers in agricultural leadership, education, and communications. This course will require 20 hours per week equal to six hours of credit per semester. Students will develop goals, submit weekly progress reports, supervisor evaluations, and develop a report post internship.Consultation with faculty advisor is required prior to course registration is required to ensure the internship will provide the student with experience applicable to the agricultural leadership, education, and/or communications discipline. Prerequisites: Instructor Approval.