Admission to the pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program is a competitive process.  Prior to applying for admissions to the nursing program, students must complete the pre-nursing courses.  Students enrolled in pre-nursing courses choose either Pre-Nursing Public Health or Pre-Nursing Human Services as a major. After accepting the BSN admissions offer, students change their major to Nursing. At this time, students are admitted twice yearly in the Fall and Spring semesters.  The timeline for applications can be found on the Nursing Department website.  Applications for the program are weighted and ranked according to criteria such as overall GPA, GPA on the four science courses, statistics and Lifespan Development, a written narrative, and TEAS scores. The number of students admitted is dependent upon several factors:  faculty numbers, classroom space, and clinical facility space.   Students not selected for the BSN program may re-apply in subsequent years or may continue as a Public Health or Human Service major.

Required Courses
ENG 1301US-College Reading & Writing *3
ENG 1302GLB/US-Written Argument/Research *3
MATH 1314US-College Algebra *3
BSC 2401US-Hum Anatomy/Physiology I *4
BSC 2402Hum Anatomy/Physiology II *4
HIST 1301History of the United States through Reconstruction *3
HIST 1302History of the United States From Reconstruction *3
PSCI 2305United States Government and Politics3
PSCI 2306Texas Government and Politics3
PSY 2301Introduction to Psychology *3
PHIL 360US-General Ethics *3
COMS 1315Fundamentals of Public Speaking3
or COMS 1321 Business/Professional Speaking
CHEM 1305
CHEM 1105
Survey of General Chemistry
and Experimental Survey of General Chemistry: Laboratory Section *
or CHEM 1411 General and Quantitative Chemistry I
CHEM 1105Experimental Survey of General Chemistry: Laboratory Section1
Plus 3 sch Creative Arts *3
Nursing Support
PSY 322Lifespan Development3
HHPH 331Nutrition3
MATH 1342Elementary Statistical Methods3
or PSY 302 Statistics and Research Design I
BIOL 2420General Microbiology4
Total Hours59

 This course can be used to satisfy the University Studies Requirement.

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all Major courses required for this major. Complete the six (6) key nursing support courses (Anatomy & Physiology I and II, Chemistry, Microbiology, Statistics, and Human Development -Life Span) by time of application with a “B” or better in each course.

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