All Level Special Education B.A./B.S.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Specialization Courses
SPED 346Survey of Exceptionalities3
SPED 420Current Topics in Special Education 3
SPED 449Assessment of Students with Special Needs3
SPED 463Effective Classroom Management and Positive Behavioral Interventions3
SPED 464 Fostering Transition and Collaboration3
SPED 468Low Incidence Disabilities3
SPED 475 Instructional Strategies for the Content Areas3
Teacher Education Courses
HHPK 302Adapted Physical Education3
PSY 300Learning Processes and Development3
SED 330Foundations of Secondary Education3
SED 331Instructional Design for Diverse Learners3
SED 332Creating an Engaging Learning Environment3
Interdisciplinary Courses
IS 351Science Inquiry I3
or IS 352 Science Inquiry II
MATH 1350Mathematics for Teachers I3
ECE 313Child Development: Early Years3
RDG 350Reading and Literacy I3
RDG 360Word Analysis Skills3
RDG 370Reading & Literacy II3
or RDG 380 Comprehension and Vocabulary in Middle and High Schools
Choose Content Area (See Degree Plan for Choices)15 - 18
Note: Students should see the advisor early on in the program to discuss content area options and to sign a degree plan
Clinical Teaching
SPED 472SPED Residency6
SED 400Pedagogy and Classroom Management in Field-based Environments3
SED 401Technology Infused Curriculum and Assessment in Field-based Environments3
Total Hours123-126

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