Psychology Major B.S.

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree in the following programs must complete:

  1. degree requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree, and
  2. Core Curriculum Requirements (refer to those sections of this catalog).

In addition, courses in the major must be completed as shown below.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required courses in the major
Core Courses
Complete each of the core courses listed below. These core courses must be taken by ALL Psychology majors (17 sh).
PSY 2301Introduction to Psychology * 3
PSY 301Understanding Statistics Concepts and Controversies3
PSY 302Statistics and Research Design I4
PSY 305Statistics and Research Design II4
PSY 403Development of Modern Psy3
Natural Science Core
Complete 6 sh from the courses listed below.6
Physiological Psychology
Evolutionary Psychology
Learning Theories and Processes
Cognitive Psychology
Social Science Core
If PSY 211 or PSY 310 is selected only one can count towards the Social Science Core.
Complete 6 sh from the courses listed below.6
Psychology of Sexual Behavior
GLB/US-Psychology and Sociology of Diverse Populations
Abnormal Psychology
Psychology of Personality
Cognitive Social Psych
Group Processes: The Psychology of Groups
Development Core
Complete 3 sh from the courses listed below.3
Child and Adolescent Development
Psychology of Adolescence
Lifespan Development
Applied Core
Complete 6 sh from the courses listed below.6
Applied Professional Ethics
Forensic Psychology
Industrial/ Organizational Psychology
Advanced Psychological Statistics
Research Apprenticeship
Research Apprenticeship
Research Apprenticeship
Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Health Psychology
Choose 3 hrs in any PSY course from 100 - 499 (except PSY 300) not previously used in the major. Students who test out of PSY 301 will complete 6 hrs of PSY electives.3
To be substituted as seen fit by advisor:
Independent Study
Required Minor
Minimum 18 hours required in the Minor18
Additional Electives Required
Electives required to meet minimum program hours19
Total Hours120

This courses should be used to satisfy the Core Curriculum Requirements.

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all courses in this Major .

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