Pre-Physical Therapy

A student undertaking the pre-professional physical therapy program must have a thorough understanding of the basic sciences, including the evaluation, maintenance, and improvement of the functions of the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems of humans. In addition, good communication skills are needed to relay instruction of treatments to patients, families and support personnel as well as other health care professionals. The student should develop a broad cultural knowledge in order to work with a broad spectrum of patients.

The following curriculum is provided for the student’s guidance:
US PE Activity2
BSC 14064
BSC 14074
CHEM 14114
CHEM 13123
MATH 1314 or 23123
ENG 13013
ENG 13023
COMS 1315 or 13213
HIST 13013
HIST 13023
US Soc/Behav Sci3
BSC 3034
BSC 3044
CHEM 23233
CHEM 23253
PHYS 14014
PHYS 14024
PSCI 23013
PSCI 23023
US Humanities3
US Vis/Perf Arts3
BSC 3054
BSC 4224
CHEM 3404
12 sh (6 sh Adv)*12
BSc, 2 Adv. Courses 
US Capstone3
PSY 3024
PSY 3223
PHYS 3193
COSC 1301 or 14363
Total Hours: 112

and SOC 1301 Introduction to Sociology are required. Also one course in medical terminology is required. The pre-physical therapy program leads to a degree in broadfield science which the professional schools prefer.

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