JEDI: Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Undergraduate Certificate

This program considers issues of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We will examine justice, cultural competence, and human diversity through an interdisciplinary social science lens to address the following questions: How do we experience and understand cultural differences? How do these differences shape systems that affect individuals, families, communities, and society? How do we develop the competencies needed to navigate cultural differences in a global world and multinational states? What are the impacts of these considerations on justice? Students will broadly explore the contours of social and cultural differences and their relationships with race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexuality, social class, power, inequity, and justice. Students will learn standard cultural competence models to understand the complexities of human diversity and cultural competence in modern society.

To earn the certificate, students will complete 12 semester hours in academic coursework (see the list, below).  Students must also complete 5 points acquired from co-curricular, course-embedded, or immersive experiences.  Finally, students must participate in the JEDI Showcase at the end of the academic year to earn 2 additional points to complete the certificate.

CID 1301Foundations of Cultural Competence3
One course from each of the following categories: 3
Race, Ethnicity, and Culture:3
AFAM 200Introduction to African American Studies3
COMS 408GLB/Intercultural Communication3
ENG 443 Latino/a Literature3
ENG 444African Diasporic Literatures3
HIST 450African American History3
LALS 101Introduction to Latin American & US Latino Studies3
Sex, Gender, and Sexuality3
ENG 355Women Writers3
GDRS 200GLB/Introduction to Gender Studies3
GDRS 340Topics in Sexuality Studies3
GDRS 425Gender, Culture, Society3
GDRS 497Special Topics in Gender Studies3
HIST 473Women and Gender in European History3
HIST 479Women, Gender, and Sexuality in United States History 3
LIBS 350Seminar in Global Human Rights and Social Justice 3
SOC 312Sociology of Gender3
SOC 370Racial and Ethnic Diversity3
Social Class, Power, and Inequality3
ENG 202Marginalized Literatures 3
HIST 408GLB/Themes in World History3
HIST 440Modern Civil Rights Movements3
PSCI 333GLB/Non-European Polit Systm3
PSCI 443Civil Libs & Civil Rights3
SOC 1306GLB/US-Social Problems3
SOC 311Social Class,Wealth/Power3
PSY 310GLB/US-Psychology and Sociology of Diverse Populations3
PSY 492Health Psychology3
AG 392GLB/Appld Ethics US World Ag3
Total Hours12

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