International Business Minor

The Minor in International Business is an innovative undergraduate program, both interdisciplinary and international in its orientation, offered by the College of Business at Texas A&M University-Commerce. The International Business minor is designed to broaden the scope of traditional business education and, in a broader sense, it seeks to establish a foundation for increasing students’ awareness of the global competitiveness of American corporations and industries. International business communities are becoming increasingly intertwined, which creates an atmosphere in which long-term strategies and daily management decisions are heavily influenced by such challenging international factors as exchange rates, trade and foreign investment regulations, cross-cultural differences, and the opening of world markets. The International Business minor offers you the opportunity to establish an international business, culture, and language knowledge base which will prepare you to meet global business challenges.

Required courses
ACCT 2301Principles of Acct I 3
ECO 2301GLB/US-Prin Macro Economics3
MKT 420GLB/International Marketing3
MKT 467GLB/Buyer Behavior3
ECO 428GLB/ International Economics/Finance3
Plus 6 sh from6
up to 6 sh from foreign study programs approved by the major advisor
GLB/Elementary Spanish I
GLB/Elementary Spanish II
Political Economy
US-World Cultures: Perspectives from Anthropology
Total Hours21

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