Supply Chain Management Courses

SCM 320 - Strategic Sourcing - Leveraging Supply Chain Laws & Regulations
Hours: 3
Managing supply chains within organizations, while increasingly important, has created problems that have not recently been encountered. Many of these involve the procurement processes and regulations necessary to move products or services to the customer. This course addresses these issues of sourcing, procuring, designing, transporting, and managing material and services throughout the supply chain. Discussions about each area are included, along with the need to develop a strategic plan that encompasses the procurement and supply chain laws & regulations.

SCM 342 - Moving the World: Transportation & Logistics Management
Hours: 3
Supply chains are designed to move material. This makes transportation the most critical and complex component of supply chain design. This course takes a managerial approach to define the roles and concepts associated with transportation. The framework provides both a micro and macro perspective to supply chains, and offers an overview of the operating and service characteristics associated with global transportation. Finally, this course provides an introductory discussion of the operating and service characteristics, cost structure, and current challenges facing those who provide transportation services.

SCM 343 - Essential Supply Chain Inventory & Warehousing Concepts
Hours: 3
This course focuses on the concepts of logistics and inventory management, emphasizing warehousing, facility location, forecasting, transportation, and inventory management. In this course, students learn the role and importance of logistics and inventory management on a firm’s success.

SCM 376 - Managing Global Supply Chains
Hours: 3
Supply Chain design and management has become an ever growing field of study. However, the complexity of the tasks associated with supply chain management make it difficult to manage. Added to this difficulty are the ever increasing global demands for services and products that are available around the world. Organizations find themselves competing in an arena where global competition drives organizations to find ways to provide a strategic advantage, while maintaining a global presence. This course is an introduction to the concepts, principles, problems, and practices of Supply Chain Management. In this course students will learn how supply chains are designed, managed, and improved.

SCM 386 - Supply Chain and Marketing Channels
Hours: 3
This course is an overview of supply chain management, with particular attention given to supply/purchasing, operations, distribution (domestic and global), and integration issues. The course emphasizes Customer Relationship Management and the role of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions in supply chain management

SCM 432 - Supply Chain Analytics
Hours: 3
This course focuses on sound insights and improved decision-making in supply chain management from rigorous data analysis. Students learn how to provide problem solving and decision-making process by integrating analytical methodologies which include the study of important supply chain functions and solution techniques. Additionally, students will gain valuable analytical insights on major supply chain functions which include: demand forecasting, procurement assessment, inventory analysis, transportation, supply and subcontract pricing, and primary logistics.

SCM 489 - Independent Study
Hours: 1-4
Individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized contentarea under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated when the topic varies. Prerequisite: Consent of department head.