Spanish B.A.

This plan of study is for students who wish to earn a B.A. degree in Spanish. It requires thirty six hours.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required courses in the major
SPA 2311Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPA 2312Intermediate Spanish II (12 advanced hours from:)3
SPA 331Film for Spanish Conversation and Composition 3
or SPA 333 Spa for Heritage Speakers
SPA 332Latin American Cultural Studies 3
or SPA 334 Spanish for Heritage Speakers II
SPA 341Intro to Spanish Literature3
SPA 342GLB/ Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics 3
And 18 advanced hours from18
Advanced Spanish for Teaching Certification
SPA GLB 428 Social Issues in Hispanic Film
Seminar in Latin American Comparative Cultural Studies
GLB/Critical Approaches to Hispanic Culture
Methods for Teaching Spa
Introduction to ENG-SPA Translation
Spanish in the United States
Professional Writing in Spanish
Special Topics
Required Minor
Minimum 18 hours required in the Minor18
Additional Electives Required
Electives required to meet minimum program hours24
Total Hours120

Other Requirements

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all Spanish courses required for this major. Twelve semester hours of Advanced (300-level or above) Spanish must be taken at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

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SPA 1311 - Elementary Spanish I
Hours: 3
(SPAN 1311) Pronunciation, elements of grammar, vocabulary, and conversation and composition based on situations in everyday life. Emphasis on the spoken language. Introduction to Spanish culture.

SPA 1312 - Elementary Spanish II
Hours: 3
(SPAN 1312) A continuation of SPA 1311 with emphasis on reading and comprehension and on the spoken language. Prerequisites: SPA 1311 or approved placement or CLEP or consent of department head.

SPA 2311 - Intermediate Spanish I
Hours: 3
(SPAN 2311) Review of language fundamentals and continuation of conversation and composition. Emphasis on pronunciation, listening, and reading skills. Study of Hispanic civilization. Prerequisites: SPA 1311 and 1312 or consent of the department head.

SPA 2312 - Intermediate Spanish II
Hours: 3
(SPAN 2312) Introduction to Spanish prose, poetry, or drama, or to Spanish essays on scientific and technical topics. Expansion of vocabulary and syntactical analysis. Further development of reading comprehension. Prerequisite: SPA 2311 or consent of department head.

SPA 331 - Film for Spanish Conversation and Composition
Hours: 3
In this course, which uses film as a primary teaching tool, culture takes a central role in the learning of oral and written language skills. The course, through relevant feature films from Spain and Latin America, motivates the learning of oral and written language skills, and at the same time fosters cultural awareness. Students are exposed to linguistic variants in the Hispanic world. The course uses class discussions, filmic text interpretations, and creative writing to fine tune the student´s oral and written skills and foster critical thinking, Written communication through creative expression as well as essays, stressing situations that challenge students to think and speak more creatively in Spanish. Development of self-correction techniques. Prerequisites: SPA 2312 or consent of the department head.

SPA 332 - Latin American Cultural Studies
Hours: 3
This course examines and critically analyzes various cultural discourses in Latin America in relation to their diverse communities, their historical and cultural scenarios in contemporary Latin America and its relationship with the world. In particular, the aim is to create meanings about their past and present through a variety of texts. The issue of social justice is also central to this class. Prerequisites: SPA 2312.

SPA 333 - Spa for Heritage Speakers
Hours: 3
This course is designed for language learners who grew up speaking Spanish at home or in their community. They demonstrate, by taking the Spanish Placement Exam, the CLEP exam or special permission from faculty, abilities to understand and communicate, to some extent, in Spanish. Capitalizes upon students' existing language skills to advance their Spanish proficiency and transcultural competence. Special attention to effective language learning strategies, critical analysis, and multimodal composition skills. Taught exclusively in Spanish, and for heritage or native speakers only. For students majoring or minoring in Spanish or Bilingual Education, this course replaces the SPA 331 requirement. Prerequisites: Placement by exam or SPA 2312 ('C' or higher grade).

SPA 334 - Spanish for Heritage Speakers II
Hours: 3
A continuation of SPA 333, the course is designed for language learners who grew up speaking Spanish at home or in their communities. It focuses on expanding Spanish academic communication skills, critical analysis of Hispanic cultural production, and development of multimodal composition abilities. Exclusively for heritage or native speakers of Spanish. For heritage or native speakers majoring or minoring in Spanish or bilingual education. Prerequisite: SPA 333 or instructor permission.

SPA 335 - Advanced Spanish for Teaching Certification
Hours: 3
Spanish 335 is an advanced Spanish course for students who need to improve their proficiency beyond the intermediate level and/or who plan to take the Texas State exams (LOTE / BLPT) to become a certified teacher in bilingual or Spanish education. The course fosters language proficiency through learning scenarios designed to reflect contemporary issues in the Spanish-speaking world and in the bilingual and Spanish classroom. Special attention to developing oral and writing skills for the Texas State exams. Prerequisites: SPA331 & SPA 332 OR SPA333&SPA334, or permission of advisor.

SPA 341 - Intro to Spanish Literature
Hours: 3
Introduction to Spanish Literature. Three semester hours. An introduction to four genres of Spanish literature: poetry, drama, fiction, and non-fiction prose. The course is designed to develop discriminating reading and writing skills. Prerequisite: SPA 332 or 334 or permission of instructor.

SPA 342 - GLB/ Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
Hours: 3
Introduction to the main topics within the field of Hispanic Linguistics. The course examines the areas of Spanish phonetics and phonology, morphology and syntax, semantics, linguistic change and variation, and Spanish spoken in the United States. Prerequisites: SPA 331/332 OR SPA 333/334 (minimum grade C-).

SPA 428 - SPA GLB 428 Social Issues in Hispanic Film
Hours: 3
Explores Hispanic historical, political and cultural events represented in Hispanic film and its relationship with the world parallel events. Analyzes film as a cultural and aesthetic apparatus through critical lenses. Prerequisites: SPA 331.

SPA 471 - Seminar in Latin American Comparative Cultural Studies
Hours: 3
A study of Latin American various cultural discourses that encompasses film, literature, philosophy, art, dance, music and other cultural representations from a global and theoretical perspective. The class intersects these and others discourses in dialog with various lines of thought from around the world. May be repeated for credit when the emphasis changes. Prerequisites: SPA 341 or permission of instructor.

SPA 472 - Critical Approaches to Hispanic Culture
Hours: 3
This course concentrates on essential questions, concepts, and themes (issues of gender, politics, religion, art, etc.) from a theoretical and critical approach pertaining Hispanic culture. Through the study of critical and theoretical terms, and the reading and interpretation of a variety of texts pertaining to a range of art expressions, students will acquire analytic and interpretive tools to draw their own conclusions related to the world in which they live. Among the topics that may be covered by this course are: the construction of gender, social power relations, the relation between art production. Prerequisites: SPA 341 or permission of instructor.

SPA 475 - Methods for Teaching Spa
Hours: 3
This course is a practical introduction to second language acquisition theories, and familiarizes students with different methodologies specifically for the instruction of Spanish as a second language. Beginning with an overview of traditional and current foreign language teaching methods, the course focuses on current pedagogical trends. This class presents a number of techniques designed to develop students’ skills pursuant to language and learning theories, learning objectives, and the role of teachers and students. Students are made familiar with the components of effective teaching tools such as lesson planning, student needs analysis, class materials, and tools for assessment. A large part of the course consists of hands-on activities, discussions, and practical applications to Metho Prerequisites: SPA 2312.

SPA 476 - Introduction to ENG-SPA Translation
Hours: 3
Introduction to translation strategies and techniques to advance Spanish-English proficiency. Fundamental concepts of translation theory, comparative linguistic and rhetorical analysis, and critical reflection on translation processes. Prerequisites: SPA 331 & SPA 332 ('C' grade or higher) or SPA 333 & SPA 334 ('C' grade or higher).

SPA 477 - Spanish in the United States
Hours: 3
Key topics on contact linguistics analyzing English-Spanish phenomena of transfer, borrowing and convergence. Critical revision of historical, social, and cultural processes shaping the Spanish varieties spoken in the US and their effects on the Hispanic communities communicative practices. Prerequisites: SPA 331 & SPA 332 ( ‘C’ grade or higher) or SPA 333 & SPA 334 ( ‘C’ grade or higher).

SPA 483 - Professional Writing in Spanish
Hours: 3
Development of advanced writing skills in Spanish; intense practice of strategies and techniques for the production of Spanish texts. The course prepares students to successfully deal with academic and professional writing in Spanish through preparation, production and edition of diverse discourse genres. Prerequisites: SPA 331 & 332 OR SPA 333 & 334 (minimum grade C-).

SPA 489 - Independent Study
Hours: 1-4
Independent Study. One to four semester hours. Individualized instruction/research at an advanced level in a specialized content area under the direction of a faculty member. May be repeated when the topic varies. Prerequisite: Consent of department head.

SPA 490 - Honors Thesis
Hours: 3
Honors Thesis. Three semester hours.

SPA 491 - H Independent Honors Rdgs
Hours: 3
Individual Honors Readings. Three semester hours.

SPA 497 - Special Topics
Hours: 3
Special Topics. One to four semester hours. Organized class. May be repeated when topics vary. Prerequisite: Permission of the department head.