Physics B.A./B.S. with Emphasis in Entrepreneurship

The Physics with Emphasis in Entrepreneurship degree program is designed for those who plan to use their physics degree to launch a tech startup company, or just to strategically position themselves for key positions in such companies.  

Recommended elective courses include, but are not limited to:  ENG 333: Advanced Writing - Non Fiction, ENG 341: Technical Writing, MATH 335: Linear Algebra, MATH 315: Differential Equations, PHIL 360: General Ethics,  PSY 404: Organizational Psychology, TMGT 350: Principles of Technology

Management, or any advanced PHYS/MATH/CHEM/BSC/ENVS courses.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required courses in the major
PHYS 101Physics and Astronomy Seminar1
PHYS 2425University Physics I4
PHYS 2426University Physics II4
PHYS 317Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering3
PHYS 319Computational Physics with Python3
PHYS 321Modern Physics3
PHYS 332Electronics for Scientists and Engineers4
PHYS 333Wave Motion, Acoustics, and Optics4
PHYS 335Advanced Physics Laboratory3
PHYS 401Current Topics in Physics and Astronomy (1 sch. take twice for 2 sch)2
PHYS 411Classical Mechanics3
PHYS 412Electricity and Magnetism3
PHYS 414Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory3
PHYS 420Quantum Mechanics3
Required courses for Emphasis
MGT 305Principles of Management 3
Choose 5 from the following courses15
Entrepreneurial Finance & Venture Capital
Project Management
Marketing Research
Special Topics (Soc Media / Mkt Research / Family Bus)
Required support courses
CHEM 1111General and Quantitative Chemistry Laboratory I1
General and Quantitative Chemistry I *
Calculus I *
Calculus II
MATH 2415Calculus III4
Total Hours120

This course should be taken to fulfill Core Curriculum Requirements.

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