Advisor: John Slovak, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, 903-886-5378

A student in the medical pre-professional programs must have a thorough understanding of the basic sciences but also must possess a broad cultural knowledge of the people with whom he/she will work. It is highly recommended that the student entering these programs formulate plans to complete the bachelor’s degree since most professional schools in Texas require a bachelor’s degree. The student should consult with the pre-medical advisor during the freshman year to plan a major and minor. The student should consider alternate career goals in this planning in case admission to medical school is not achieved. The student should plan to take the MCAT or DAT during the spring semester preceding the fall semester that application is made to medical school.

The following curriculum is provided for the student’s guidance:
US PE Activity2
BSC 14064
BSC 14074
CHEM 14114
CHEM 14124
MATH 1314 or 23123
MATH 24134
ENG 13013
ENG 13023
COMS 1315 or 13213
HIST 13013
HIST 13023
US Soc/Behav Sci3
BSC 3034
BSC 3044
CHEM 23233
CHEM 23253
PHYS 24254
PHYS 24264
PSCI 23013
PSCI 23023
First Major (Adv)***12-16
US Humanities3
Second Major12-16
US Vis/Perf Arts (Adv)***3
First Major (Adv)12-16
Second Major (Adv)12-16
US Capstone3
Total Hours: 128-144

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