BFA in Photography - Emphasis in Commercial Photography

Core Curriculum Courses 42
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BFA in Photography - Emphasis in Commercial Photography
Required Creative Core (16 credits)
ART 1316Drawing I 3
ART 1311Two-Dimensional Design and Color Theory 3
ART 1312Three-Dimensional Design & Color Theory 3
ART 141Intro to Shop Safety1
ART 2313Introduction to Visual Communication 3
PHO 2356Introduction to Digital Media3
Art History Courses (9 Hours)
GLB/History of Art I *
GLB/History of Art II *
ART 333GLB/History of Photography3
ART 404GLB/History of Contemporary Art3
3 semester hours in Advanced Art History3
GLB/History of Ancient Art
GLB/History of Medieval Art
GLB/Topics in Renaissance Art
GLB/Topics in Baroque Art
GLB/Topics in Non-Western Art
History of Modern Art
GLB/History of Graphic Design
History of Advertising and Consumerism
GLB/Women and Art
GLB/History of Architecture
Theories and Methods
Special Topics
Required Photography Courses (26 Hours)
PHO 2357Basic Photography I3
PHO 209Introduction to Video3
PHO 210Introduction to Studio Lighting3
PHO 341Commercial Photography 4
PHO 350Advanced Digital Photography3
PHO 360B&W Darkroom Techniques3
PHO 450Photography Seminar4
PHO 495Photography Internship3
Required Visual Communication Courses (12 credits)12
Design Communications I
Art Direction
Prescribed Courses: Commercial Track (15 Hours)15
Experimental Concepts
Alternative Print Making
Advanced Video
Independent Study
Location and Event Photography
Special Topics
Business Practices in Photography
Independent Study
Special Topics
Total Hours120